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  • This is a great Firefox extension. I especially like the ability to fully expand Gmail's inbox to fill my laptop's smallish screen. Having Google's Reader, Groups, and Notebook apps all on one page also comes in really handy. There are lots of other features that I have yet to fully explore.

    Integrating with Gmail can't be easy, as it seems to be a moving target. Michael does a good job of keeping up and is very responsive to user's problems. After the recent flurry of update releases, it seemed that Integrated Gmail was working under Windows but not Linux. Later the same problem showed up under Windows, too. Michael helped me track down the problem to extra stuff being put in the Gmail URL (still not sure how it gets there).
  • This is a must-add Add-On for me. Every time Google changes the code the Developer is quick to edit his script to work again. The Developer is also VERY quick to answer questions about the Add-On.
  • Great Add-on and great support!! Was not working emailed the Dev. Helped me fix it right away.
  • Regarding previous post:

    This latest update (On the integrated gmail website) has fixed all my problems,...and works better then before, great addon, creates a nice homepage for me.
  • Rating 5 Because I love the addon. I just wish I was able to use it for the past month. This hasn't been working for me for some time, I think google has been changing their code, Better Gmail 2 broke also. I haven't tried the new version of that extension since I really only need this one. I thought this new version would work, but still nothing. Just plain wont work for me, no error, no half working items, just nothing. Hope It'll resolve itself sometime. Great addon! :)
  • This is, hands down, the best Firefox Add-on available. If you use Gmail and other Googel apps (Calendar, Notebook, Docs) as I do, this is a must have.
    I had been using the Add-on for about 6 months without any problems. When things were not working because of the latest issue described here in the fourms, I contacted Michael via e-mail. He responded quickly and walked me through the fix. Thanks Michael. Keep up the good work.
  • please follow the twitter to have newest release that works fine : WWW.Twitter.com/integratedgmail
    good job !
  • I've been using "integrated gmail" for several months now and it is one of the best add-ons in my point of view.
    Just a couple of weeks my calendar stop showing in my main gmail page, therefore today I contacted directly Michael A. Balazs who helped me step by step to fix the problem with my Integrated gmail and now everything is working again like a Charm!

    Great tool and great support. Keep the hard work Michael and THANK YOU.

    If you have the same problem as me, just go to WWW.Twitter.com/integratedgmail download the file and then open it using your firefox and DONE!
  • Michael is one good fellow. Excellent services....

    And the work what he delivers. It is higher then gmail own developers. It works fast and easy. You only need to see the things you want to. Thanks to integretad gmail he makes my gmail faster and easy to see. And also more controle what you want to see. Weldone you have 5 stars.
  • I cannot stress enough how AMAZING this add on is. it has seriously made me internet usage so much better and more streamlined.

    I thought I was going to cry when it didn't work but Michael, one of the developers, helped me out personally over e-mail.

    superb product!
  • The new beta (link at twitter-page) works as a charm with google apps!
    The integration with a "non-apps" reader works very good as well.

    Keep the good work going on! Thanks for that.

  • Until recent change by Gmail which resulted in the malfunction of this add on, I've just realized how it changes the way I browse thru Gmail, and how I rely on it. This is must-have add-on when using Gmail, in the same page to check your mail, read your RSS, and even create an event in the calendar! Hope the fix will be released soon.
  • This product completely revolutionizes how I use gmail. It's my absolute must extension. And the developer of the extension is great when it comes to responding to requests.
  • Was having issues but the latest beta release fixed it no problem. Go to http://twitter.com/IntegratedGmail/ for the fix. Great add-on!
  • This is one of only 3 add-ons that I use and the other two, I could take or leave, but IG is a must for me!

    Being able to combine GMail, GVoice and GCal is just awesome!

    I usually make fun of my husband because he is so into gadgets and add-ons and such, but I must admit that this one is one of real value and convenience.

  • This is one of the best addon's for firefox. Love having all my google products on one page. Amazing, can't say much more.

    The issue though, confirming Torlang's comment, since the 18th or even before I believe, this addon is just 100% not working. The addons main site is still not updated :(
  • Cant understand it. Anyway you are using more than one tab during the session. So in the tab of "Integrated Gmail" you will have included additional tabs. So, tabs in tabs... but idea is great and realized professionally.
  • This add-on makes my life so much easier and the one time I had a problem the dev emailed me back and helped me figure it out right away. A+
  • First of all I love this add-on. It is really nice to have all Google services in one page.
    I had an issue using Reader, I reported it, and in a week I had it solved.Thanks.
  • Superb idea, superb addon and superb response from the developer if you have questions.

    Now, if only google would open up google docs to IG, it would be perfect!
  • Could someone respond to by the post by Kjev01 on November 3, 2009? What is being downloaded and why?

    Great addon so far. However, I really wanted to see google docs as part of the IG options, and I cannot add it by using "custom". If google docs could be part of my gmail interface this would be a much better solution than iGoogle, imo.
  • I love this add-on! It saves me tons of time when I can add info from an email to my calendar without switching tabs, or look up a phone number in google voice to send to a friend in a wave. Freakin' awesome!
  • Probably the best add-on for Gmail. Saves me from always having the calendar open on another tab and now I read my blogs! Support is great...had a problem, Michael emailed immediately, cleaned out my cache, and voila...all is good again!!!
  • Really good!

    This is exactly what I was looking for =)
  • Super! Works very well! Don't know what I did before this....

    Developer was also very prompt with a response to my query!