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  • This add-on rocks!! It makes my day go by so much smoother by putting in one place everything I need. I need 10 tabs open if I don't use it.

    Also, the support is second to none!! Usually it takes the developer less than a day to respond and/or fix any issue. Most recently, it was about two hours. Awesome!!

    Thanks for a great product and awesome support Michael!
  • +1 to MattyGits review. This is without a doubt the most useful add-on for anybody who uses Gmail. IMHO google should already have hired Michael and built this functionality into Gmail.

    In short - if you use Gmail you want this add-on!
  • IG in my opinion is one of the most useful add-ons for Gmail.
    It enhances the Gmail experience immensely!
  • Thanks for fixing the GCal issue. Works great!
  • I have not added this it looks like a cheaper version of I-Google or am I wrong.
  • Cool idea but it doesn't play very well with other apps, labs, or add-ons. I'll stick with the links at the top for now. Just wish google would let me customize those.
  • Great add-on.
    But it cannot work properly with the gmail theme "bus stop" after your reloaded gmail.
    Hope you could fix it
  • Hello,
    Just installed this a few hours ago. I wanted to say thanks and to invite others to enjoy in the experience.
    If you are a Firefox Gmail user ( all g-mail features) then you are in for a nice surprise. Multiply productivity and save time by accessing applications from one single screen.
    "I am loving it" !
    :) P.S. always exert caution and backup in case of the worst. So far, so good....
  • Great tool - thanks! Any chance of adding Google Voice integraton? Thanks again!

  • OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! No, seriously, I have needed this extension for the long time because like you, I am a feed junkie, and now that that's in my google inbox, and there are buttons to hide and show the top and sidebar, my google services experience is a THOUSAND times better. You should suggest this to google
  • Please see the problem posted here:
  • The "inbox of GMail" is NOT under the collapsible subdirectory named "inbox" created by Integrated GMail add-on.
    Google Reader & Calendar still works normally as before.

    Please see the following link for the same problem reported by others:
  • FABULEUX ! J'adore, je n'ai plus en permanence 3 onglets ouverts (Gmail, Agenda, Reader), très facile, ... J'ADORE !
  • I haven't really worked it out yet, but it sounds awesome! One suggestion that occurred to me almost immediately was support for multiple gmail accounts. This is prolly impossible but i think it would be really awesome and useful
  • Great idea. This add-on is very handy, indeed.
    Really like that it so versatile and easily customizable. Do give it a try. Has room for improvement but really useful just as it is. Will continue to use and recommend.
  • I would like to keep an eye on new RSS scrapes over multple accounts without having to either use an RSS client, or antoher extension to sequentially login to gmail accounts to peak at RSS. This ould be a much desigred freauture (I have given up fighting spell fheck for the might)

  • I didn't fully realize how much I loved this add-on and how heavily I relied on it until a glitch occurred with Google's code and I couldn't use it. (Temporarily- Michael worked with them to fix the problem as quickly as possible.) It really makes life so much simpler to have everything in one place and in one tab. I do a lot of research throughout my day, which means lots of pages open at once, but I never have to worry about opening up one for my email, another for my calendar, my reader, etc. I also love the fact that I can keep my calendar open right beneath my mail so that scheduling an event mentioned in an email becomes a breeze.
    Even if you're not sure you would find this add-on useful, I recommend installing and trying it for a couple of days. I can't give you a money-back guarantee, but I'm pretty sure you're going to love how easy and useful it is. In other words- highly recommended!
  • This is a super cool add-on. I use it at home and at work. I have come to the conclusion that I NEED THIS ADDON to do my stuff. I don't know how to not have this and live life without it. Michael is an awesome man and has incredible customer support. Quick on the emails and not shy of a little chatting to fix the issue. Thanks for making this!
  • Great aesthetic and usability improvements! I use it on all PCs I work on now. :) Keep up the great work!
  • I love this addon and I have one suggestions

    Use full height - I use 1920x1200 and the expanded view does not use the full height. I see that if i expand two items then they fit perfectly. but for single item it waists half the screen.It would be very useful to have it expand to fill the area. and use half space when two items have been expanded

    Thanks and regards to the dev
  • Nice addon!! Michael has been very responsive to all questions sent his way. Even the "duh, why didn't I see that" type question. The addon is getting better with each release. Now if google would just integrate all components with google apps...

    Keep up the great work Michael!
  • It is a great application that I love using it in full screen. But in order to access to "Compose Mail" I have to switch to narrow mode that gives me access to the side bar in Gmail. I don't know if it is possible that we can access compose message in the full view as well.
    Hi Atatheri,

    If you enable Gmail's own shortcuts, then when you have the sidebard collapsed you can just hit 'c' to compose a new message.

  • niice

  • Great!! But it doesn't support anything that makes Reader show you a dialog box (like marking all as read or deleting a subscription)
  • It simply rocks!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, MichaelATUVA