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  • A very useful tool to fine tune the look of Gmail, et al, to your taste. And if there is a problem, Michael is on it in a flash! Great combination of function and service.
  • The support for this program was expedient. This is a must have program. I am eagerly awaiting multiple Gmail user accounts.
  • I have been an avid user of this add-on for a long long time; by far it's the best add-on for any avid google products user. It truly makes GMail, etc. a complete experience. Excellent and personal user support and quick updates when google rolls out various changes, so often it would make any developer buggy. Bravo to IG and anyone involved!
  • If you use gmail you want this add-on!

    Although google 'break' it from time to time when they change their code, Michael (possibly the most diligent add-on developer I've encountered in many years as a dedicated Firefox user/ tweaker) always has a fix available in a day or two - Three beers, oops, cheers for Michael!

    Give IG a try - you'll be glad you did (:
  • Aside from being a well crafted extension for Gmail, the developer goes above and beyond to support his work. Just recently, due to a change in Gmail code, the extension stopped working. Unlike the whiny crybabies that only come here and give a 1-star review without taking any steps to resolve the issue on their own, I went to the developer's support page where I found that not only had he identified the problem, but was working on a resolution. The issue is mostly fixed and available for download through GetSatisfaction or Facebook. Feedback is being collected on these beta releases as the update is fine-tuned for a final release.

    For all you complainers, please note that in the instructions above where you entered your bug report is this second bullet point: Please do not post bug reports in reviews. We do not make your email address available to add-on developers and they may need to contact you to help resolve your issue. See the support section to find out where to get assistance for this add-on.

    So, before you gripe about a bug in FREE software, try to look less a fool and READ the instructions and try to be proactive and look for a resolution on your own.
  • This extension is surprisingly wonderful. Besides minimizing all of the windows open to keep track of my Google presence, the developer managed to fix a problem within 12 hours of my experiencing it (Google made a change which broke IG).
  • One of my "must have" extensions for working with Gmail. Makes it easy to access all of my frequently used Google applications on one page, as well as my Remember the Milk and Calendar gadgets, and the best thing is I can drag and drop the page elements from left to right, up and down, etc., to suit my needs. Even though Gmail occasionally makes changes which can cause a glitch in this and other extensions, IG's author is very accessible and quickly has a fix to whatever mischief Gmail's been up to.
  • I have been using this for quite some time now. It's a great add-on. There are occasional disruptions when a new Firefox version is introduced or Google makes changes, but the developer is great at responding to questions and fixing quickly. If it's your first time, be sure to follow the dev on Facebook or Twitter where there are updates.
  • been using this for about 3 months now and this addon is AMAZING. totally organised my life! I don't think I could do without it anymore! - highly recommended - and yes it does break every now and then but the dev is on fb and twitter! and will help u out :D
  • This is a fantastic add-on, HOWEVER, it does break every time there's a new Firefox version. If you're just trying it for the first time, I'd recommend to give it a few days until they iron out all the Firefox 4 bugs, it's definitely worth it!
  • "I download and install this extension, but nothing change...the gmail still the same...what its wrong? can somone help me with this?"

    Updating my review, i contact the developer and my problem was solved, great job with this addon!
  • It's a essential plugin for Firefox. The choice to add Custom Tabs It's perfect to have everything you need for work on one page organized and clear.
    In addition, the attention given by Michael to potential errors and improvements is the best I've seen in a long time. He definitely deserves the donation for continue to improve IG even more if possible
  • Excellent Add-on! Easy to use, and "support" is on par with "paid support services" Well done Mike! :)
  • Good and enjoyable!

    Easy to implement & use daily
  • Really great Add-on!! Gmail is now my home page. But please fix the bug with integrating Google Calendar.
  • I am a Gmailaholic so - other than MS outlook - I use this constantly. When I say constantly, I mean I do not want to ever go back. Great add-on. Try it.
  • Great addon!
  • very useful!
  • Perfect!
  • This add-on rocks!! It makes my day go by so much smoother by putting in one place everything I need. I need 10 tabs open if I don't use it.

    Also, the support is second to none!! Usually it takes the developer less than a day to respond and/or fix any issue. Most recently, it was about two hours. Awesome!!

    Thanks for a great product and awesome support Michael!
  • +1 to MattyGits review. This is without a doubt the most useful add-on for anybody who uses Gmail. IMHO google should already have hired Michael and built this functionality into Gmail.

    In short - if you use Gmail you want this add-on!
  • IG in my opinion is one of the most useful add-ons for Gmail.
    It enhances the Gmail experience immensely!
  • Thanks for fixing the GCal issue. Works great!
  • I have not added this it looks like a cheaper version of I-Google or am I wrong.