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  • This add-on is great but since the new gmail theme it has a lot of problems especially with lab apps such as the one which display the chat on the right side instead of bottom down.
    I don't know why, but it doesn't refresh well most of the time, unfortunately i have to deactivate it :(
    We will look into it and see what we can do!
  • More fast! Thanks.
  • Easy to use and well integrated, a great app.
  • Just installed a took a quick look at it... instantly decided I couldn't live without it.
  • Absolute best add-on I have, only had this less than an hour and I love it, love it, love it. Just makes so much sense, everything in one place...how is the developer going to better this?
  • Świetne połącznie kilku usług Google
  • useful integration! thank you!
  • Make area for each element larger or customizable. Currently presents user with a vertical scroll within a vertical scroll for minimal entries in any google app.

    Make click on Inbox in navigation auto expand gmail section if it is collapsed.

    *** UPDATE
    Developer gave me instructions on how to size elements (other than Gmail) and Inbox link now magically seems to work for expanding Gmail section. Thanks!
    Hello sdunnin!

    You can customize the element sizes and do the other things you mention. Please contact me at michael at integrated gmail dot com and I will be happy to help you out.

  • Does this support mulltiple google accounts?
    I am now forced to use two at once.

    Hi Alan,

    In the 2.X chain IG will work for the first account opened and may have issues with more than one. In the current in dev 3.X chain multiple accounts is supported.

  • Really nice. Using it all the time.
    But I get a "Integrated Gmail" header on the top right main Gmail page that I have no use for.
    Can I get it out ?
  • At first I could not get it to work. but then realized that several Google Labs extensions were interfering. not sure which caused the problem. "inbox preview" or "preview pane". I really liked those two, but I also like this add on. damn. when those are installed the collapse window is too small and nothing shows up.
  • Excellent
  • Замечательная работа! Нареканий нет! :)) Спасибо!
  • I went to register on firefox just to give this review. I thought it was well worth my time to give this an honest review. Ever since i used gmail's rss reader, i never really got to use it when i want to or read all my feeds when i have to. It's just too tasking for me to go there, i don't know why. But with this really AWESOME add-on, I am able to not only read my selected feeds, but also get to see what's up on my calendar and not just my email on the GMAIL interface. This is so getting 10 stars!
  • Great one which fixes some issues (cf. http://bit.ly/q1c0uD).
    Thx you so much! I can finally browse on Gmail with Firefox!

  • E-mail and calendars are perhaps the most important internet services at both work and home. And this extension helps you keep up with both, all in one page. No need to keep 2, 3 tabs open, just to keep up with appointments, messages, etc.

    And what's even better, the developer understands how important the extension is to the users. He is easily reachable, and attends to bug fixes with utmost timeliness.

    Five stars.
  • Tokyo thanks you for this add on, amazing.
  • Superb, working fine, keep it up
  • Calendar issue fixed in version 2.6.20, five stars.
  • Awesome Addon

    I am quit happy using Integrated Gmail Add-On. It is really helping me to control my inbox, calendar and reader.

    Even the developers are really very quick to fix any bugs reported or any issues reported. Really, within few hrs my query I have been given solution which was an awesome!!!!

    Thanks guys....Keep it up!
  • Este addon está entre mis favoritos. Y es que, sin duda, poder tener mi GoogleReader, mi GoogleCalendar o cualquier otro servicio de google a un sólo click en la bandeja de gmail es sin duda toda una delicia.

    El servicio es personalizable, es ligero y el desarrollador es muy atento y comprometido con su addon.
  • Exactly what you need to enhance your gmail experience if you use more than one google application. I myself use my email, calendar, voice, tasks, and reader. Putting these all on one page has made my gmail experience that much more brilliant. And the ability to set up multiple profiles for different accounts (for my work account I only need email, calendar and sites); was ingenious.

    It isn't without its quirks, but the dev - Michael - is fixing them quickly and promptly. He's even responded to me personally when I had an issue and gave me a patch to download to fix my errors.

    Best addon I have.
  • Great work! As you can see by the past reviews have already said what I wanted to! Can't wait to see what the next version will be like O.O
  • This is by far my best and most used app! I love using Firefox although my organization uses Chrome so IG has allowed me to combine both tools. Michael was quick to respond to a minor issue I had and provided a fix in no time.
  • This is the most useful add-on for Firefox, it streamlined my work flow and keeps me organized. Not only that but when I had an issue Michael was quick to fix the problem so I could get back on track. Thanks Michael keep up the good work!