Love it Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very useful. Impressively lightning fast. Improves productivity Good to look up definitions on the fly, amongst other things.

Four recommendations:
1) Ability to organize search engines including adding folders (as in Organize Search Engines)
2) Ability to select search engines from a drop down list (not just using keywords)
3) Incorporate the search engine drop down list into the url bar (as in Foobar)
4) Option to open in a new tab when clicking on the instant view (As of now, the instant view shows in the current tab and a new tab is opened only when pressing enter [optionally]. If you accidentally click on the instant view search results it will replace the current webpage. This can be annoying and unproductive in some instances if you just intend a quick glance at a search result (e.g., looking up synonyms). I rather have it open in a new tab when clicking on the instant view page.)

Imperfect substitutes for recommendations (1)-(3) is to use OSE and Foobar together with Instantfox. However, they will not sync with one another when adding/deleting/organizing search engines.

One nice feature is that after entering the search engine keyword and search term, then pressing CTRL+SPACE highlights the search engine keyword such that you can change the instant view search result on the fly.

I foresee using this extension very frequently. Thanx Instantfox. Well deserved 5-stars.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

wow, that's a lot of feedback! thank you!