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Hey, thanks for implementing the my enhancement requests! Its working great now...deserves 5 stars :)As for my second point, let me elaborate a bit. I am using Tab Mix Plus addon & I have configured in such a way that any bookmark, link from external source, link from history etc., (except for links in the same domain of current web page) to open in a new tab. I need this because, I always keep so many tabs that I follow on & hence I dont want them to be hijacked by new links that I type (of course I can open a new tab before typing the address, but Tab Mix Plus has been doing it for me & saving 2 key presses). For instance, if I type google.com & press enter, it opens in a new tab next to the current one. However, it looks like InstantFox is overriding this setting. Looks like any link generated using your keywords are being opened forcibly in the current tab. Please solve this problem from me?

And here is another enhancement request. Initially I hadnt looked at the calculator option. But with the new version of the addon when I tried it I found it really exciting. There is a reason for it. I had been using an addon called "Status-bar Scientific Calculator" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/status-bar-scientific-calculat/) for quite a period of time, till the developer stopped upgrading it to the latest FF version. But I really liked the approach a lot (opening a text box on Ctrl+Space & working on a calculation). It also had lot (really a lot) of functions built into it. Now, looking at your idea of calculator, I felt it would be really great if you could integrate those functions into your "c" keyword based calculator! Currently, InstantFox doesnt allow calculations like square-root, cubed etc., Please see if you can combine the functionality.Thanks for the great addon.

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thank you for your feedback - status: read and on the todo! ;)