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  • War mal super - jetzt geht nix mehr, kein einziges Wort wird übersetzt, stattdessen soll ich pro kaufen....
  • Пожалуй, лучший по удобству пользования переводчик.
  • Абсолютный кайф - выделил двойным кликом и мышку на символ программы навел. Все. Перевелось автоматически.
  • at last i found it, the real full page translation <3
    i looking for this for damn hours
  • Es una extención perfecta para traducir palabras o frases completas, es él complemento ideal para traducir muchisimo mejor que cualquier otro. Es super facil de usar y muy recomendable.
  • It's a great addon. I don't know if this is possible but I would like the ability for this to work in Reader View as well (actually that is pretty essential to me!).

    Actually I would also like to see support for different translators. There is an application on Windows called "QTranslate" where you can switch between different online translators (like i.e. Google Translate/Bing Translate). That way you can cover more words.
  • this add-on was awesome