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  • Very good translations. But there is no possibility to influence the behaviour of the AddOn. I don't want to see this large bubble everytime I mark a word. I only want to see a translation when I ask for it. This bubble covers too much place of the site when not needed. Not every time I mark a word I want a translation. Mostly I want to copy the word. So for me this addon isn't useful.
  • when y open the app and is not pined the pop up frame does not show the entire information.

    The app is very useful thanks a lot!
  • I love the voice, it helps a lot for words I don't know. I've used other apps for translation in the past, but no one had a voice to hear how the words sound in different languages
  • Большое спасибо!
  • Useful add-on. However it slows my browser down, especially on Twitter.
  • Perfect to be free, almost perfect for asking for email, and to be a little bit complicated, it need to be more simple.
  • Very good!
  • Good addon. The only problem is when I double-click on the word and scroll inside the "Mate Translate" window, along with it the entire browser window will scroll. In this case, the browser window will be scrolled with jerks or interrupts. Previously, this was not. Previously, I could quietly scroll the "Mate Translate" window and had no problems with the rest of the browser. Fix please
  • The extension is great, but needs to solve URGENTLY the problem on Twitter/Imdb page, especially the serious slowing down search.twitter.com and Imdb site, and should put an option to translate instantly on the balloon, without requiring one click on the green arrow.
  • ten program robi co ja chialem, wytlumacze mi slowa z pop up a jusz nie mam na google translate isc. 5 gwiazdki
  • Coudn't find a way to change languages
  • easy to use, love it....
  • Very good!
  • very fine ,i used it every day.
    Buying next time.

    Great work.
  • Μου αρέσει ότι έχει σωστή πρακτική εφαρμογή άμεσα και γρήγορα!
  • good in place translation, I use it everyday with a double click, and a popup shows up.
  • Very comfort way to translate using double click. Good style of frame widow. Thank you.
  • I always use it. Thanks!
  • По началу очень нравилось но с каждым релизом всё хуже и хуже становится.
    - Постоянно появляется сообщение о том, что это расширение замедляет работу Firefox.
    - Дизайн был минималистичный и прикольный сделали какое-то уродство с закруглёнными краями и кучей кнопок.
    - В последнем обновлении зачем-то добавили подменю под правой кнопкой. Как теперь этим вообще пользоваться можно, непонятно.
  • Es bueno y práctico
  • Невероятно удобный аддон. Пользуюсь им уже около года.
  • Simple, elegant, fast, accurate!
  • Me encanta su sencillez y su buena traducción
  • I got a message that a script in the Mate extension slows down Firefox. But why does it need a script on pages where I don't even use this extension?
  • Bei Klick Worübersetzung und bei Markierung Textübersetzung, super! Und als AddOn leicht zu benutzen.