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  • Translation functions seem to work ok but the addon attached long lists onto every post I made on online forums making it unusuable.
    Writing a comment like this one would come with about half a page of in-app commands. I only realised it was doing this after someone had told me my post looked different on their screen to mine. When I refreshed a page with a comment I'd written, all of that added text would briefly appear along with my comment and then disappear. Once I removed the app, the writing didn't disappear and so I was seeing what everyone else had been seeing: this long list of crap underneath each post I'd made. Definitely one to avoid if you use any kind of online chat.
  • Bis auf kleine Macken funktioniert es wie es soll. Die Übersetzung ist sehr gut für meine Bedürfnisse und alles funktioniert einwandfrei.
  • Just exactly what I was looking for as a translator. No right click, no full translation unless you want it, just translate when highlight the word. Perfect.
  • Translations are good with a slick UI (though sometimes the 'ae' icon disappears before I can click it). 4 stars as my only complaint is one for security: The app indiscriminately translates everything you highlight; there should be a check to ensure you don't send things like credit card/serial/post codes/phone numbers for translation automatically. This would be pretty simple to implement.
  • muy util
  • veryy good for translate
  • Долго искал расширение для перевода страницы целиком С СОХРАНЕНИЕМ ФОРМАТИРОВАНИЯ. Это реально работает. Google Translator, ImTranslator, To Goggle Translator, T - Google Translator форматирование страниц не сохраняют.