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  • Ich kann das Addon nur empfehlen es ist um Längen besser als das von Google da es nicht nur Wort mäßig sondern Sinn mäßig übersetzt.
  • Translates fine, but breaks Deutsche Telekom BroadBand expansion map, it shows the map but no data and the search fields on the right are missing.
    This website: https://www.telekom.de/zuhause/netz/breitbandausbau-deutschland#ausbaukarte
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  • Pretty good!
    1. Cursor should be focused on the input area after toolbar window show up.
    2. Frequency: how often a translation appears in public documents.
    3. Phonetic transcription of original verb.
  • Работает, есть произношение, варианты слов, перевод выделенного текста(иногда подглючивает, пропадает иконка), использую тройной клик и перевожу абзацами.
  • Its promising but not working properly, especially translating webpages! Also, search box for changing languages has some issues like case sensitivity and auto completing.
  • very goof thanks
  • Putting aside its quality, 10 euros for a Firefox extension? If it was 1/5 its price I'd consider the purchase, but 10 Eu - no, thank you, guys.