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  • As others have said, with the Firefox update from 51.0 to 51.0.1, the add-on is currently not working. Opening an instagram photo or video in its tab (as usual) no longer shows the save button that was previously available. I assume this will be addressed as soon as lumerias can reproduce. :)

    Like the others, I am on 51.0.1, although I am using the 64-bit flavor.

    Edit: Downloaded the updated version (1.4) and this appears to be fixed. Updating the rating accordingly!
    confirmed, investigating...

    Update: fixed. Please wait for version 1.4 (queued for approval already)
  • The button to save photos and videos disappeared after an update on Firefox.

    Currently running Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit)
    Still, can't reproduce. Checked again, working.
    Could be Instagram is rolling out a new layout and it has to propagate around the globe.

    Do you mean "update" of the add-on or your browser?
  • Same problem. Same Firefox version as the others. It worked a few hours ago, but suddenly the download button doesn't appear. Deleted and reinstalled, but still nothing.
    When it worked it worked great! Very useful.
  • Same for me. I use correctly but not works.
    "28,01,2017 now does not work, disappeared button to save photos and videos. Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit)"
  • 28,01,2017 now does not work, disappeared button to save photos and videos. Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit)
    Please revise your review. The add-on has been tested today and works.

    Did the Download button "disappear" for you and the add-on worked previously? Or did it never work for you? Please note that the add-on requires you to open one Instagram at a time - and it doesn't work on a user's 'Instagram stream'.
    Right click on a single post, select "open in new tab" and there you'll see the download button.
  • Works for me and is a time saver! Thanks!
  • Great addon!
  • works flawlessly again!!! IG seems to be the one changing things. just be patient.let developer know by leaving a comment.the issue was fixed and i was informed...
  • Like they said, it only works on the individual page. They create a floating button that causes the image, at least, to appear as though one right clicked and chose view background. How about I just do that instead of installing some add-in? Haven't tried video download option. But I can already do those things with Firefox.
    In our tests, the right-click above the image is grayed out and completely unavailable with video. Thus this add-on.
  • It always says: "Instagram Download didn't work"
  • Good job well done
  • Très bonne idée de plugin FF !
    Il manquait ça pour Instagram !