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  • не дает скачать эфир на компьютер
  • Works great for images but does NOT work for videos.. it used to, hardly ever get a response over here. No support! Will uninstall and try another Addon
    These days IG updated the code for some beta users. This free tool was developed for my personal hobby and doesn't have much time to support. You can try another Addon.
  • Doesn't download videos from posts.
  • Unable to save video. Photos and Stories are working. Please fix this.

    Link to replicate https://www.instagram.com/p/B4TpTIjHo8w/

    Tried in Private Mode with/without Protection Tracking enabled and only IG Helper addon enabled.

    Browser Version: 70.0.1 (64-bit)
    OS Version: Windows 10 (1903)
    Thanks for the feedback. These days ig updated the code for some users, I will wait for all users to get an update to fix it.
  • Can't save video, can you fix this please ?
  • I like this addon, but it should save images in original size (1080px) instead of smaller size (640px).
    Thanks feedback. I will check images size.
  • Not working-- no download icon
    Update v1.11.0
  • Can choice the place to save image now.
    Besides, with this extension, I can use right bottom to save image!
  • Would be perfect if you also add a button to open the original size photo in the new tab
  • You NEED to ask where to save files rather than automatically putting everything in the 'downloads' folder. Believe it or not, some people organize their files and doing that makes it a lot more work.
  • 好用
  • 1 click download for pictures. Outstanding work there.
  • 很好的软件,如果下载前可以选择下载路径就好了