166 reviews
  • Doesn't download videos from posts.
  • Unable to save video. Photos and Stories are working. Please fix this.

    Link to replicate https://www.instagram.com/p/B4TpTIjHo8w/

    Tried in Private Mode with/without Protection Tracking enabled and only IG Helper addon enabled.

    Browser Version: 70.0.1 (64-bit)
    OS Version: Windows 10 (1903)
    Thanks for the feedback. These days ig updated the code for some users, I will wait for all users to get an update to fix it.
  • Can't save video, can you fix this please ?
  • I like this addon, but it should save images in original size (1080px) instead of smaller size (640px).
    Thanks feedback. I will check images size.
  • Not working-- no download icon
    Update v1.11.0
  • Can choice the place to save image now.
    Besides, with this extension, I can use right bottom to save image!
  • Would be perfect if you also add a button to open the original size photo in the new tab
  • You NEED to ask where to save files rather than automatically putting everything in the 'downloads' folder. Believe it or not, some people organize their files and doing that makes it a lot more work.
  • 好用
  • 1 click download for pictures. Outstanding work there.
  • 很好的软件,如果下载前可以选择下载路径就好了
  • works great!
  • It's great it saves the photos at the highest quality I've seen but my one problem it keeps defaulting to the downloads file instead of the last file I save something in. If that can be fixed it's a 5 star for sure.
  • BEST addon!! many thx for update.
  • It still does not work to download stories:(
    v1.9.7? try reinstall?
  • i was using this addons happily and it work well until today, today i realize there is no longer save icon on stories and did some research and i think its about story adresses, until today story adresses end with ".jpg" but today they end like that ".jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-mxp1-1.cdninstagram.com" you fix that problem nearly 6 months ago about saving normal photos(extension still easily save them by the way) but now stories are problem(yes i hate that why they are continously make problems) but we need your help again.... and i think about a problem for months; can you add a option for special download directory for that extension? some days i download hundreds photos from instagram and they save to my default download directory and there is very big mess, i have to split them one by one by my hands.... it would be very handy...

    edit: man you are awesome, that is my favourite addon again how you could do that kind of things if i could make addons like you it would be fantastic you are a superhero for me, keep up the good work thanks a lot :)
    thanks feedback. the stories bug fixed. directory option will be add to todos.
  • was working until today. but do not download the stories anymore.

    Update: fixed! thank u devs