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  • Works perfectly on Chrome but seems to have a problem with Firefox in the current version. It can't seem to get past the login prompt even though it seems to be updating the feeds counter. Hopefully this can be addressed quickly
    We don't have any other similar feedback and also we can't simulate it here (with the latest version of Firefox).
    Could you please contact us at support@inoreader.com and give us little more details about your issues in order to find the culprit and fix it asap?
  • I Still use inoreader. But the companion in firefox isn't working anymore. It keeps insisting I login over and over again. Oh well.
  • This extension is capable of capturing and subscribing to only on those pages with the most obvious of feeds. I'd expect better from a quality service like Inoreader.

    "Inoreader Companion" (v1.28) frequently fails to find and subscribe to many news sites, tumblr, etc. Surprisingly, it is outperformed by the competition's "Add to Feedly Plus" (v1.9), which often captures feeds which "Inoreader Companion" misses.

    This Inoreader extension is still a time saver on some pages, which earns it three stars. If a subsequent revision of this extension improves the RSS capture/subscription performance, I'll be back to up the rating.
  • inoreader - лучший rss сервис и расширение к нему ;)
  • Wäre schön, wenn man bei tumblr.com auch Feeds aus dem Archiv abonnieren könnte.
    Ansonsten ein tolles AddOn
  • Shows counter even when "without counter" is checked. Option for no counter must be unchecked and then rechecked for it to work.

    A fix would be nice. Thanks.
  • ++
  • Keeps me updated on my feeds at a glance, works flawlessly. The custom settings for the right-click behavior are well suited for most users.
  • Could use some improvements though, such as listing unread items directly in the popup.
  • Does everything it suppose to. Unread counter and articale are a little bit slow to load, but the search and subscribe functions are very handy. Recommend for InoReader users.
  • Waste of time. Half the time all you get is a spinner and nothing else. Totally unreliable.