Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A request was made to compare Extension List Dumper and InfoLister. I give both 5 stars, here is my comparison in some detail:

Brief Comparison of Extension List Dumper (ELD) and InfoLister (IL):

1. The biggest difference between these 2 extensions is that ELD works in the extensions (add-ons) window and generates an output file, and IL sits on the Tools menu (by default, this is configurable) and displays a list any ordinary FF window. IL can also generate an output file, that's an extra step, albeit very easy.

2. ELD allows you to specify all, enabled, disabled, incompatible. IL allows you to specify extensions, themes, plugins.

2. Both can save in various formats ... txt, html, BBCode. ELD offers csv, IF offers xml, xpi list, XML, XML+XSLT. IL allows for use of custom templates.

3. Both highlight disabled extensions. For me, IL does this in a more visible way, with "[Disabled]" appearing to the right enough to stand out nicely.

4. If you select HTML in ELD, then both provide links, where available.

5. ELD enables inclusion of the extension description.

6. IL provides the ability to upload via ftp, http, https, and to do so automatically on exit (presumably from FF, I did not test this feature.)

7. ELD offers buttons to print and copy to clipboard.

Well, I hope I haven't missed too much. Thanks to both developers, both extensions appear to me to work flawlessly. I actually have both installed, precisely because one works in the UI, the other in the extensions window. So I can get a list from anywhere.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.10.1).