Small, Simple, Gives me What I Need, but has a small issue Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is something I've always wanted to have. It helps me figure out where I am, and I can remember which tabs have the content I'm looking for just by attaching a number. Often times, I'll have multiple tabs open in the same page, so remembering by icon doesn't always work. This provided a nice solution for me to navigate the many tabs I may have open at any time.It's also a very simple tool. I'm surprised there hasn't been one like it. I'm sure there are others that *have* this feature, but they also come with other whistles and bells that I don't necessarily need. This provides a stripped-down add-on that gives the one feature I want.

However, it might be worth noting that this add-on also counts app tabs in the index. In addition, it indexes the tabs based on the order in which they were opened. While this is probably more or less unavoidable, if a solution could be found, I would rate this at 5 stars. As an example (bug reports always need documentation), my 4 app tabs are tabs 1-4 (which I hope means that it prioritizes those above the others when indexing the tabs), then the rest of my tabs are 5-34. Tabs 5-11 are in order. Great.. However, I have two additional tab groups, and tabs 12-16 are in those groups, then the tabs continue again in group one from 17-34. If there's some way to get around this, that would be great. Could you look for a solution? Please let me know if this message isn't clear enough, by the way.