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  • Este complemento savó a pocket de que no lo usara mas.
    Este complemento te añade un indicador cuando visitas una página y ya la tienes guardada en pocket. Cosa que Pocket no tiene por defecto en firefox.
    Además puedes modificar, eliminar o añadir los enlaces mas facilmente. Gracias por este plugin :-)
  • This is the ONLY addon that does what Pocket should have done. It stays up while the new tabs loads, which is great, and has a great interface and even allows you to save to pocket as well.
  • Harmful thing. After I checked listed articles in drop-down menu they've been deleted. I thought those check-marks were for marking them as read not to delete.
    Hi! Sorry to read that. Actually, the checkmark does not definitely delete the item (the trash icon does). There's currently no means to access those archived item from the addon, but you can still find them in your pocket account, if you go to getpocket.com, login with your account and access the "Archives" link on the left menu, you'll find the items that where archived by the checkmark action. Hope it helps :)
  • Pocket is a great solution for save all pages you will read back at later time (so the original name, "read it later"). But the retrieving of this sites is horrendous! This extension solve this by create a simple list of your saved sites (instead of a very busy page) and, when you click in one of them, opening site directly in a normal browser windows (not in a limited one). This behavior must be standard in Pocket, but I really don´t undestand why not.
    Thanks for the detailed review! This behaviour actually was standard a long time ago, when Pocket (at that time "Read it later") provided their own Firefox addon... which they sadly discontinued. Happy that this addon is useful to you anyway :)
  • Very useful, also works on mobile, but it doesn't let you install it because it's "desktop only". Just load the page as 'desktop' mode and it lets you install it.

    It is glitchy as expected, but you don't need the stupid app.
    Interesting! I've never had mobile browsers as a target since I find the mobile Pocket application pretty good (at least, they exist!). Thanks for trying this out anyway and for the feedback!
  • good
  • Great add-on but I still didn't remove the official Pocket button/icon "https://app.getpocket.com/" because the time of my pocket links is not specified in your extension. Can you please add it?

    In reply to your comment: The duration of the audios and videos.
    Hello Remion, thanks for the comment and glad you like the addon! By "time of the pocket links", do you mean the point in time you added them to the pocket list? I'll need to refresh the design to do this, since we already have quite a bunch of info displayed in a very limited space, but this is not something I can work on right now. You can have a look at the roadmap here: https://bit.ly/inmypocketroadmap. Still, I keep track of your demand, and might implement it someday.

    Edit: oh I see, I now understand. I add this to the backlog. Thanks for your feedback!
  • Thank you for your work ! But would it possible to incorporate an offline way to read the links with firefox?
    Hey Molekel, thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like the addon. Offline reading has been suggested by another user before, but is not in the doing. It's outside this addon scope for now and requires quite some work. I'm afraid I won't be able to work on this for now, since I already have lots of other features to implement before this. You can have a look at the roadmap here: https://bit.ly/inmypocketroadmap. I still keep track of every demand and prioritize the most frequent ones :)
  • Best of the Pocket addons.

    Provides a lot of useful functionality, with more on the way - almost fully replicates the old legacy Readitlater addon.

    Very responsive and friendly developer.

    Transparent roadmap so you can see what's coming next (and usually why).
  • This was one of those extensions I deleted as soon as I installed it because pretty much the only function I need doesn't work.

    I changed the "Keyboard: add the current page..." in preferences to "ALT + E", navigated to two random articles in Firefox, and hit "ALT + E." It did not save the articles. That's all I needed to do, it didn't do it, therefore it's useless (for me, at least), therefore it gets one star.
    Hello! Very sorry to read this. Might this "Alt+E" shortcut be overriden by something else? I use custom shortcuts daily in IMP and couldn't notice any issue, so there might be some more specific problem here. If you're willing to contact me so that we can debug this, feel free to send a message through http://bit.ly/inmypocketcontact. Cheers!
  • It makes using pocket much more convenient, I can not understand why Firefox removed this feature. Congrats Pierre, your work is very much appreciated.
    Thanks Diego, I'm glad that this addon is useful to you! Thanks a lot for your feedback and your kind words :)
  • Werry cool.
    Add dark theme pls)
  • It's very useful, thank so much :)
    But is it possible to add option save to wayback machine or view old version of item?