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  • Without doubt this is the best translation tool in the world.
  • Das habe ich die ganze Zeit gesucht!! Dankeschön, ein sehr nützliches Supertool!!
  • Pour moi c'est le top du top, une excellente extension pour laquelle j'ajouterais bien volontiers une 6ème voir une 7ème étoile et même plus si c'était possible...
  • Only installed for TTS - impossible to figure out if or how to get it to read text aloud.
    For your reference, the link to user guide is
  • Excelente traductor!
  • (*_*) help me please!
    I use the 'ImTranslator' already many years and since the second add-on there, I use both! tried a lot, but no other translator comes close to yours !!!
    I have already recommended it so often!
    If I was not so convinced of your great work, I would not write here but have already uninstalled it!
    Unfortunately, I am so annoyed, that every time I open firefox (already many Mozila updates) it will immediately open a tab of the 'ImTranslator website'!
    > there is a new update available! even if I already have the latest version! I already had this problem on my old laptop and still!
    PLEASE HELP ME, I do not want to uninstall the add-on!
    :) ...also the above text, I have with 'your' help translated into English! :)
    For all technical issues please use the Feedback form in ImTranslator Options