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535 reviews for this add-on
  • Excellente

  • ótimo, maravilhosa extensão. A melhor extensão de tradução .

  • Ottimo funzionale anche considerato che utilizzo il vecchio Windows Xp

  • Me gusta que se presente en una ventana a parte, es genial.

  • Apprezzo la rapidità ed una buona traduzione, in genere sempre accettabile

  • Eu estava procurando um tradutor para traduzir toda a página através de um atalho de teclado personalizado. Ele me deu isso com poucas configurações.

  • A beautiful tool I don't want to miss

  • My favorite extension! So many features!

  • Good

  • Best programm!

  • Особенно полезно, при чтении сайтов на иностранном языке.

  • Change my browsing

  • Многозначность, удобный в использовании

  • 2

  • 简便,实用,快捷,太好了。

  • I use IM mainly in Firefox gut also some of the other web clients. I often chat with a lady in Turkey on Twitter though DMs. Turkish is a very bad language to interpret. Often, I use the translate /back feature so she gets the right meaning. Many times, I have to re-word my sentences so she gets the right meaning. There used to be two choices of interpretation but the second choice does not work anymore. That is the Microsoft interpretation. Most times, I send only a line or two at a time. Lately, I have noticed that once I copy one or two lines, I have to re-translate the whole English text into Turkish again so I can copy the next few lines. That is a pain but I have had to learn to deal with it. There is a new feature where I can compare Interpreters but have not taken the time to use this feature (my bad). Another feature I like to use is the dictionary. Through spelling errors and such, it is good to find out what the word really means. I enjoy that because in Turkish, the same word has a variety of meanings depending on its' use. I have no problems interpreting Russian or any other Arabic languages, so it is hardly fair to use Turkish all the time. All in all, I would rate IM with six stars or more. Sincerely, David (

  • ขอบพระคุณมากครับ

  • muy bueno

  • ich habe mehrere Texte ausprobiert und auch auf verschiedenen Sprachen. Hat alles funktioniert und auch richtig übersetzt

  • toooooooodo

  • excelent

  • It works very smoothly and I like the integrated TTS.

  • IMTranslator is very brilliant! I highly recommend using this app!!!

  • With so many translation software out and about today; none are as good as im Translator.

    I have been using im Translator for 10 years. All along, the software has/is constantly evolving becoming better.

    Note: I lived in Mexico for eight years. While there I used im Translator many times, since my Spanish is 'evolving:' learning a new language at eighty is not easy. When I needed to explain, in many full sentences to my maid, I used im Translator. She understood everything translated. Due to the inexorable route of more and more sophisticated tech. Keep up the good work I am translator.

  • very good