31 reviews
  • The idea and implementation of the interface is fantastic. Very thoughtful.
    I've feeling that some history in last week either missing or have incorrect timezone. Not sure yet. I'll blame the Firefox synchronization feature for now.
  • I like the idea behind this - I was looking for a replacement for a now-defunct FF add-on that organized my history by day in my history menu. This is a pleasing UI, but two things I wish I could change:

    1) I wish you could reverse the order in which the days are displayed, so that time goes left to right rather than right to left. I can't seem to get used to everything being backwards.

    2) I wish you had the option to see more items at a time/have a more compressed layout (all the whitespace is nice aesthetically, but means I have to do a lot of scrolling).
  • One of my favorite addons out there! Improved History makes it much easier to look back at your history due to its well organized menus and its extremely simple UI. Thank you!
  • Been using similar in Google Chrome for a while, switched back to FF and glad to have found this. Very useful to me to see date and time to find lost links. Thanks.