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  • right click menu gets expanded more and more
  • Love this addon sooooooo much. Thank you!
  • Can't detect img.php images that are assigned gif extention from www.comicskingdom.com, worthless..
  • OK
  • Working great in FF60 Beta!
  • Does this plugin work on mobile Firefox? Can't optimize the features on your phone later?
  • Hi, the extension is actually not working on my Firefox 52.7.3 (64-Bit) ESR under Debian 9.4.
    It was a great extension on pre-quantum firefox though.
  • Good extension. Expect some more from this, as followings:
    + Add Save/Save All Images to context menu to save all extracted images in new tab.
    + Allow to configure to hide/display options in context menu: single tab or separate tabs, link or IMG tag. This would help simplify the context menu well.
    + Allow to hide the image link (just show image) in new extracted tab.

    Expect these suggestions to come soon as possible.
  • Love this app. However, in the new Firefox I am unable to get it working. The linked images pops-up with a script box and doesn't work. I've uninstalled and re installed and still experiencing the same problem.
  • Handy extension I'm glad is back for Quantum, however it's not as convenient as it could be.

    For example, I only ever use "Linked (single tab)", so I'd want to set it so that the img2tab context menu item triggers that directly instead of nesting into another menu. That used to be doable with Menu Wizard but that extension is dead.

    Also, the way images are displayed inside the tab is painfully inefficient. Each image takes up an entire row even when it's narrow enough that you could fit another image next to it. Here's an example of a better layout: https://dearcomputer.nl/gir/img/example-results.jpg
    Thanks, I feel the same just never thought of good ways to resolve those issues. I had previously tried Salvattore JS for layout. I will consider these for next update.
  • Thank you for the update and taking the time to let us all know :)
  • Thank you thank you thank you :D for updating the addon for Quantum :D YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS!!!!

    i use this in complement with " Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus^2 " match made in heaven :D

    img2tab opens all images in separate tabs then bazzacuda downloads all of them and closes the tabs :D
  • Now it works as it should! Excellent work thank you!
  • Stopped working after its last update.

    EDIT: Still not working for me :(:( FF 55.0.3 (64-bit) Will downgrade again, I use this add-on very often, it helps me much.
    I have since updated the extension due to your feedback and others, please update and try again.
  • wish i can use it in new Firefox quantum
    It has been updated now and updated the new API.

    Version 1.80 should support Firefox Quantum.

    Apologies for the delay.
  • Great add-on, unfortunately not yet ported to WebExtensions, but it can be done. This add-on can easily be implemented as a userscript, for example: https://openuserjs.org/scripts/img2tab/img2tab
    It has been updated now and updated the new API.

    Version 1.80 should support Firefox Quantum.

    Apologies for the delay.
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