445 reviews
  • Works great! Unlike image viewers, provides the ability to "tweak" things as I like.
  • Please all custom keyboard settings let it be ...(Ctrl+S) and
    Right-click menu the save button.
  • Просто - АУИТЕЛЬНАЯ ШТУЧКА !!!
    Как раньше жил без неё - не знаю.
    Аватарки на ЮПУПЕ - просто - ОГОНЬ !!!
  • Two additional options and it would be the best addon.
    Option to define a default folder for saving photos. Second better option, assign shortcuts to save in various defined folders.
  • Очень удобно!
  • Not happy with Imagus' hijacking of my Windows cursor to give me same lame whirligig. I wish Thumbnail Zoom Plus would get their new FF plugin done so I could get rid of this malware.
  • why isn't working anymore? some firefox unsupported bullshit