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  • On https://music.yandex.ru/artist/798732/albums add please view the big album cover.
  • works great but has some kind of script on it that freezes everything up." firefox not responding", so I go to task manager to shut down firefox, then half the time it says "task manager not responding"
  • It will be awesome if you add a download option for the zoomed image ,great job thank you
  • This review is for Imagus v9.8.67 under FF Quantum v65.0 x64. I've been using Imagus for quite a while now. It worked fantastically prior to FFs new Add-On setup. BUT this version is terrible. NONE of the keyboard functions work. I can't
    "Enter full zoom mode",
    "Toggle all available space"
    NO keys work to disable Imagus from blowing up images so every little icon or image on a site blows up in my face blocking everything behind them. Which is most of the page since I WANT the image to be very large WHEN I WANT THAT.
    But I can't make that happen when I want it and I can't prevent it when I don't...
    Nuf said.
    Oh, I realize this is mostly FF's fault since they broke EVERY add-on developers have been so kind and worked so hard to develop for us FOR YEARS.
    WTG FF.
    Which I love btw. FF I mean.
    And also Imagus. Usually.
  • i'm so tired of hove zoom working/not working....so glad i found this!!! thank you, i've even turned off my fbzoon.... this is great!!!

    this is later the same day.....maybe it's an ebay issue, but now it just turns yellow ans spins..... booooooooooooooo
  • Works better than photozoom and hoover zoom +, well done.
  • not working in "dribbble.com" please fix this issue
  • One of these rare addons that after a while you don't understand why it's not a core feature of any browser
  • Very useful to have the image larger without having to click through. Sometimes this addon breaks when there are image links all next to each other (like on Bing or Google) and will just immediatly open the image in the preview making it impossible to click anything under it. The fix is to hold Ctrl to prevent it but it's still annoying.

    I would still recommend this addon though.