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Not a 'broken' add-on, but a total piece of poo compared 2 'Image Zoom' plugin :) Get that 1 instead! This thing, by contrast, has absurd mouse integration (must hold down CTL key instead of just right mouse button as with ImageZoom, etc.) It's just absurd - very 'linux-ey' type 'the user is the problem & should enjoy overcomplication' type attitude in the design of this thing, whereas 'Image Zoom' is very quick & intuitive & OBIVIOUS!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.17.1). 

Sorry about that

I know that the "mouse integration" may feel awkward, but ctrl+mouse wheel is the *default* zooming mechanism of Firefox (try it on any webpage). And if you bothered to read at least what I wrote either on the addon page, on the online help or even the release notes, you'd find how to change this behaviour and not having to hold ctrl to zoom. (BTW, the solution is to set extensions.imagetweak.legacyscrolling to true in about:config - and if you're wondering why it is controlled by an hidden preference instead of a radio button in the option window: this is because up to the previous version there were no such a thing as "hold ctrl to zoom" - the mouse wheel simply zoomed; but then people started asking for the ability to scroll an image using the mousewheel, and so I thought that mimicing the standard firefox input control methods was the way to go - but then I noticed that the new method felt a little awkward and gave the ability to users to temporarily go back to the old method, waiting to solve this once for all one way or another. The problem now is that some people like the old way, and other people like the new one - and so I'm thinking about exposing the preference in the options window, but that's a lengthy change because all new/changed strings need to be translated. Add to this the fact that we're currently at version 0.17.1 (i.e. not even 1.0) and you have the current situation.)
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