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Matúš Uhliar

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Why was Image Tools created?

I created this add-on for you and because i think, that is useful to have a tool which allows you to work with images without downloading them. There are still many pages which doesn't have implemented a real image gallery and they usually points to big images only by simple link, this is where you can use additional functions of image tools like a show linked images or you can simply convert entire page to image with one click. Also it looks better than standard way that is used by Mozilla to display standalone images:).

What's next for Image Tools

In the future i would like to make it more customizable, for example possibility to put control bar to right or left, set image border width and so on. Next i would like to add support for social networks like a facebook and option to fast sharing favorite images on the internet or create a custom images galleries. But actually i don't have enough resources to next development, so if you will decide to contribute, it will rapidly speed up the add-on development.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Matúš Uhliar
User since February 21, 2011
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 4 out of 5 stars