hooray for ImageBot... a few good updates and six stars Rated 5 out of 5 stars

this and 'rehost image' make using imageshack a joy -- ever since the imageshack.us facelift killed dragndrop into form element :(

I am thrilled you have removed the em 'problematic code' :)

Please consider adding multiple image account profiles for easier grouping of images in ONE imageshack account, and for grouping MULTIPLE imageshack accounts... you already employ nice use of tabs

additionally please either support other image hosts directly or

built in a user extensible "extension" system for adding support for other image hosts

Rehost Image is merely that.. transload seen image to imageshack

Imagebot transloads, albeit without the intermediate option to rename, AND keeps a visible copy in the imagebot float (yes, I much prefer the float option)

I wish there was a GUI- or in extension option to export current image list... hacking prefs.js is not my favorite method.. though it is currently the only method... here again the need for profiles (groups) of images

^^ otherwise "exported" lists need to imported to an entirely new firefox profile to keep the image set alive with the occasional browser through to be sure they maintain a hit level. I don't know the minimum imageshack view so I load them in their orphan firefox profile about monthly

I am immedsely DELIGHTED with the CUSTOM copy template options -- this makes it easy to post one or more images to various flavors of forums

The only other lack I see is the need to select an array of images, and have the extension itself or another extension* resize DOWN to whatever inane maximum dimensions of a given draconian forum, and copy the duplicate image(s) code for forum posting

as is possible with Shunked Image Resizer

Instead of reinventing their wheel I propose your extension interact with their respective extension and 'transload' or upload as needed.

Also please add the facility to imageshack.us hosted image to

+ tag images
+ create imageshack albums

(assumes free imageshack registration)

thank you thank you!!