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  • Okay ...... so this was my favorite extension. I came back after a few months of laptop issues and ....... I CAN'T HAVE IT ANYMORE?!?!?! Oh, please fix this. I'm so over having to save pictures using all this annoying clicking on a touch pad. Sigh.
  • I miss this Add-on tool. Please update it to be compatible with the newest Firefox release!
  • Love this addon too - please update it for last Firefox
  • Shows text labels twice. Whether you tick "show text labels" or not. Very annoying.
  • lütfen quantum'a göre güncelle artık.
  • Bitches who is gonna fix this add-on for the new Firefox????
  • No more update since 2015. Dead.
  • Please update it for Quantum.

    Good Alternative with only a download button above the images, if you activate it in settings:
    "Image Picka" https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/image-picka/
  • Rendez cette extension compatible avec FF quantum ! Merci.
  • Please make this addons working on Firefox 57 too!
  • Please make it available for FF57! It's quite a great extension, I've been using it for ages and I miss it! Thanks
  • Es el más prático addon para guardar imágenes

    esperando la compatibilidad con Firefox 57
  • Great little tool, i've used it for years - comfortable! Hope this will be written for FF-Quantum+!
  • This addon is very useful. waiting for the next update
  • I was use this addon every day to a FF56 and now I miss this plugin very much.... Please make it compatible with Firefox Quantum I realy want it... Thx
  • Brilliant and simple! I use this everyday. I can not understand why this feature isn't built in every web browser??? I remember it used to be in Internet Explorer many many years ago :) Please update for Firefox 57!
  • I miss this plugin. Please make it compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • Tolle Erweiterung, hoffentlich auch bald für Firefox 57 quantum. Solange behalte ich die alte Firefox Version
  • Update for FireFox 57, please!!!
  • Please update for latest firefox :(
  • Love this add on - please make it work in Fire Fox 57
  • This addon is so good for me, that if I dont find replace for it for new FF - I will stay on my current FF version for a while. It is so cool to have no need to reach to the keyboard to save the liked art just with single mouse click. It can't be more simpler than that(if only saving with the help of thought, haha)

    07.07.2018 UPD: has broked and doesn't working at least a few months already, even in old Firefox(56.0). I've tried to mix different settings, but it didn't helped. Sad=(
  • Good Add-on,

    can we name each image with its full referrer and not only the url?
  • I love this add on and hope it will work when FF upgrades to 57? If not will you adjust it to work with it?
  • It would be nice to pop up a window confirming that the image was saved!