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  • Super
  • Thank you! I used to use the add-on by Tineye.com, and I find this more powerful.
    It would be appreciated if you can add support for stu.baidu.com, which is an alternative for tineye.
  • While I enjoy using your plugin in Firefox, is there any way you can add the options that have been requested, with one more addition. Can you make the plugin available on Seamonkey 2.0.11? Doing this would increase its exposure to the public.
  • Very well done. I would love to see those additions:

    1. Adding those image reverse search sites:

    BYO Image Search Labée Inc.

    that has this extension:

    that has this extension:

    There is also this one which I didn't test because it's in Japanese...

    2. Maybe you can even add option to add customizable links to the list, for uploading images to more sites for reverse image search or other image manipulations!

    3. Also, you might add the option to show the site's favicons in the context menu, like in the TinEye official extension and two of the others above:

    4. Finally, how about adding "Open All in Tabs" at the bottom of the sub menu, to search the image in all sites with a single click, simil to what the Organize Search Engines extension does:
  • Very good addon.
  • Yes, please update for Minefield.
  • Please update for Firefox 4!
  • very good! )
    it is better than official "TinEye Reverse Image Search" - it opens result in a new tab and gives it a focus.
  • It performs as advertised - when you hover over any picture and right click, a context menu option pops up which if clicked sends that picture to the appropriate image search database. This saves a lot of time copying and pasting links into the image search database query box.

    Would have been perfect if it was able to customise and make use of the advanced search options available for both image search databases.
    The latest version 1.7.6 (when it's eventually reviewed by Mozilla >_