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  • It works exactly as I want it to.

  • it's good but yandex started have caption check

  • Wonderful add-on! It has a lot of search engines.
    Thank you for this great add-on.

  • La apariencia impresiona tranquilidad, estabilidad y deseos de seguir trabajando

  • Great extension, just one little problem : the "New tab (next to current)" doesn't seem to work as intended, it always open the tab in the second position, even if the focus isn't on the first tab.


  • Was looking for sauce, found it in a sec with "Image Search Options"

  • great!

  • Love it

  • ok

  • Ok

  • Took a few minutes to figure out but seems to work well.

  • 非常好用!五星好评!!!

  • I love this addon, but is there any place i can ask? So i've installed this addon on FF Quantum 5.6, it works well. Until 5.8, actually still works fine until i sync another firefox from another computer and it says the extension was no longer supported, now the extension brokes in two computers, what should i do?

  • It is a great extension for reverse image search. It's customizable and quick.

  • good

  • Very usefull extension for getting sauce :^))

  • Hi, it's a a great extension that I've loved for long but does the new version not work in some old version Firefox? After the latest update I found the image search option no longer appear in the right click menu. Since I'm using Firefox 43.0.1, a fairly old version, I guess there might be some compatibility issues?
    I see in the release notes it's been said 'go to extension's options page to change anything'. However, the 'Option' button for this extension in Add-ons Manager disappeared as well so I couldn't make any change.

  • 画像検索の選択肢が多くなるので、重宝してます。

  • Great extension, been using it for years in multiple browsers. For what I need, it works flawlessly. One question though: is it possible to remove or "uncheck" the 'Use Alternate' option from the context menu? I only use two search engines and added 'Search All' just in case.

    P.S. If you're planning to use the 'Use Alternate' option to offer a way to search for local images, then I retract my question, as I want that too, when you'll find a working solution :D


    Thank you. Don't worry about the timeline - I understand the difficulty of adapting your sofware to these constant changes in browsers, given the fact that I am also in a process of developping an extension for Chrome...;)

    Developer response

    We're working on a semi-sane way to work around the local file access issue, not sure when it will be ready though. Will probably be triggered by a browser action button. I'll add a way to remove the extra menu stuff in a coming version.

  • "hold Shift to use alternative option" doesn't work.

    Developer response

    Ah yeah, looks like that got cut out at some point. I'll add it back in next version.

  • Somebody listens! The ability to fine tune a context add-on. This on lets you open in a new tab OR window, choose which search engines or another program to search in as well as save your preferences. Good Show!

  • New version is shit, but reverted to and disabled update, works well again.

  • Just saw this in the release notes of https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/selection-context-search/

    Open the Add-on Options page in a new tab. This will allow to drag-and-drop rows in the table

    Developer response

    That looks like a nice setup. We'll try to enhance the menu configuration process at some point in the near future. The current options page is very basic, and was thrown together quickly to get it released on time for FF57.

  • Thanks for the update, great addon and a great service as always!