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Image Resizer/Scaler works great, and yet it's so simple it has no Options. I'm not sure why the previous version (1.1.rev361) listed a different user as the author, but I'm glad it's being maintained. I'd like to see a way to make an image "break out" and not get clipped to its container so that you can only see its upper left corner. There should be a way to show the image outside of and above the other page elements in order to see the whole thing. (Also BTW it would be nice if there were an extension that could resize *all* the images on a page simultaneously.)

{Edit after developer's July 31st response below: By resizing all the imgs on page I mean without resizing the text or structure or other elements of the page. One can resize everything-but-the-text although it's a little awkward to do (see my review addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/nosquint/reviews/368821 of NoSquint) and this resizes the structure containing the content, as well as the images. I sometimes want to shrink just the images on a page so I can see more text per screen, but shrinking the structure often defeats this purpose by squeezing the text into a smaller area. Or I might want to enlarge all the images to make them more readable (not having to do one at a time) but without enlarging the structure which would push some of the content off the page and require more scrolling.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.rev653.1-signed.1-signed). 

Image Resizer does try to make the images above any elements but unfortunately every site does have different z-indexes so it's quite complicated to get this to work everywhere perfectly. V1.2 has definitely improved on trying to get things overlay other containers such as on Imgur.

However if the web designers have put overflow:hidden; on an container then Image Resizer can't do anything about, one way to bypass that would be I guess by copying the image and making it fixed or absolute but I believe this might cause other issues and not solving anything in the end.

Do you mean something like CTRL+PLUS or CTRL+MMB(Middle Mouse Button)?