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  • this sould be the best extension, BUT. if picture/image is in some kind of frame (faceboo, for instance), image doesn't show above frame, it goes under frame. so it is visible only enlarged portion of image. i don't know is that feature or bug, but i'd like to have something like "image zoom+" or "imagus" - when i stop cursor on image, then image shows in it's whole size. AND, in every case, i'd like to see option to save that enlarged image, or at least original size (which is often smaller in page). i'll wait with uninstall, and test in other pages. but, frames "frame" me in using it.
  • Ultra utile pour zoomer en deux sec sans quitter la page
  • Amazing.... I am so happy to find this add on. Very helpful. Thank you very much.
  • Leider nicht in Firefox 57 mehr nutzbar-bitte um Update-dann wieder 5 Sterne-Schade
    The extension has been updated to webextension :) It now works on 57 and up!
  • Очень удобно.
  • The pictures that were opened in the full size of the window are no longer displayed.
    Перестали отображаться картинки, открытые в полный размер окна.
  • Will this be ported to webextension? If not, I guess I'm staying on legacy.
    The extension has been updated to webextension :)
  • This is exemplary work, an excellent example of what addons are all about, extending functionality and giving the user freedom of choice and use. Please add multiprocess.
  • yo man .. set the multiprocessing flag already!
  • Hi and thanks for a great tool. I use it a lot.

    But there is one thing that annoy me:

    1. The frame for the picture stay original size when reducing a picture blocking other content that is behind the frame. This really limit the use of this tool. Would be great if this frame could be removed completely.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Great addon, works great (FF 35), goes perfectly with "Grab and Drag" addon.
  • I love this app and how it works..... BUTT... I had to disable it as it causes constant crashes on Firefox with Windows7. I confirmed this by disabling, enabling, and then again disabling the plug-in. Wish this wasn't the case, but I can not continue to use it as it crashes the FireFox browser with a high level of consistency.
  • Excellent add-on, but one somewhat major issue. When switching the add-on to use the left mouse button, the option to restore the image to the original size is still hooked to the right mouse button. Unfortunately, this means it doesn't allow me to restore to the original size when I'm using Scrollbar Anywhere with the right mouse button. Hopefully this can be fixed.
  • Mozilla 32.0 hung
  • Definitely the new king of convenient image resizing, especially since the "ImageTweak" extension seems to not work properly anymore.
  • funktioniert exelent und und das ohne button und kontexmenü. TOP Addon!!!
  • Realmente útil para ver los detalles de una foto/imágen, casi sin perdida de calidad, sin tener que bajarla al ordenador para luego ampliarla "manualmente", no me lo esperaba y trabaja genial, que siga adelante el proyecto, felicidades/congratulations.
  • Fantastic. Especially for people who like to see the details.
  • This is a great idea and a well-written plugin. I was disappointed, though, to find that it didn't seem to work with pop-up images within pages (for example, the table photos at pinsimdb.org).

    To developer (below): Thanks for your reply. I've changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars, as obviously you can't anticipate every coding instance. Keep up the great work.
    That's a shame. I have looked at the website and notice that the Previous and Next button outer box is overlaying the whole image, meaning that any input given will be registered to the box rather than the image, thus the add-on never knows something happened. For as far as I know there's nothing I can do to fix this other than hoping the web designer of that site implement their popup code the correct way. I will consider this as an issue although I have no fix for this.

    Edit: Thanks for the rating :)
  • Good thing I can use Ctrl+Left Click to drag the picture out
    Glad I implemented that feature for such occasions ;)
  • Utterly brilliant. Finally a worthy alternative to the old and buggy "Image Zoom" extension.This one works ultrafast, ultrasmooth and seemingly conflict free.Thank you so much!

    Edit: Not so conflict free after all. The extension breaks the ACID3 tests and inserts parts of its injected code into vBulletin and other forms - making clean posts impossible.

    I substracted two stars, since the side effects are more severe than previously thought.
    Thank you that you prefer this above Image Zoom :)

    Although 3 out of 5 makes me think you had issues with it?
  • OK. I made small investigation and found that this addon stand alone indeed does what is described, but addon "Scrollbar Anywhere" hinders. Anyway, thank you
  • good, but needs some polishing:
    -- after you resize an image, the cursor changes to Hand, regardless if the image was a link or just plain image. This is confusing...
    -- why not use Shift to toggle the Free X-Y scaling on and off?
    -- would be nice to have a command (e.g. Alt+RMB) for scaling an image directly to the size of the window (like 'fullscreen' in one shot)
    And THANK YOU for No-Restart !
    1. This was an experimental idea hence 1.3 being a separate link.
    2. I cannot hide the context-menu that popups when you right click an image if the user is holding Shift, so I decided to go with ALT instead.
    3. Ctrl+MiddleMouseButton, though that's a glitchy hidden feature!

    No problem :)

    I have uploaded v1.3 to Mozilla which adds the ALT feature.
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