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  • Ik ben erg enthousiast over Firefox Image Preview maar in dezelfde mate teleurgesteld dat er voor Firefox Quantum nog steeds geen versie van deze pracht addon (gemaakt) is.
  • FX 50. Addon enabled, can go to options, but nothing happen in the webpage if I hover a picture or a link to a picture...
  • Исправьте, пожалуйста.
  • The basic image preview functionality works OK.
    - The "Press CTRL to preview" option is not working;
    - The "Preview delay" only has effect when loading the image, after that it always displays the preview once you mouseover...which kinda sucks.
  • Whatever happened to COOLIRIS? By far the best of 'em all
  • Definitely not working in Firefox 41.0.1
  • да вы просто рукожопые дэбилы, все работает до сих пор!
    см. мой пред отзыв
  • Simple...doesn't work!!!
  • Doesn't work. Simple as.
  • works only with active links =\
  • Great addon and thanks for the update, it fixed all previous problems!
  • it would be amazing if we could right-click on the images
  • Exactly what I want to see. Thanks for the add-on!
  • works as said!

    An alternative to Thumbnail Zoom Plus.
  • it work perfect! thanks
    The picture counld show...counld add the save-button for save the picture.....thanks!
  • Works perfectly, thank you for this sweet add-on. keep up the good work.
  • Big images are cut off, without scrolling. Look at how it works in extension ImgTip for Opera and do the same. This is very useful.
  • Works just fine in ff5 after install.rdf tweak. Better centering of large images is needed (large images don't "fit" in ff window). Thx!
  • excellente application mais à quand l'update pour ff 5 ?
  • works perfectly
  • no funciona ya le movi a todas las opciones y tampoco
  • Awesome addon. Needs work. Please continue development.
  • great ext.

  • Works, but needs improvement:
    - often images are simply cut off, while scrolling is not possible. Thus needs better algorythm here.
    - no right click action possible on the enlarged images. Thus not possible to save them
  • Simple and useful extension to match with Thumbnail Zoom. Excellent, I encourage the developer to continue developing.
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