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  • 求求作者更新下吧,新版不能用啊
  • please make it possible by default to uncheck all images through the settings or using the button in the image selection window. Tired of every time to climb into the context menu and press "unselect all"

    original russian text:
    пожалуйста сделайте возможность по умолчанию снимать галочки со всех изображений через настройки или с помощью кнопки в окне выбора изображений. Утомляет каждый раз лезть в контекстное меню и нажимать "отменить выбор всех изображений" (unselect all)
  • 非常好用,为了使用这个工具,一直保留一个低版本的firefox不升级
  • 求更新啊,为了用这个一直使用低版本的火狐,但是总是自动升级
  • 更新啊大神,,,,求适配新版火狐。。。
  • Super app, pls update)
  • Efficace et rapide à quand la compatibilité avec les dernières versions? :)
  • Best image downloader on Firefox... Please make this app compatible with newer version of Firefox.
  • 为什么还不更新 苦苦苦苦苦苦啊
  • I like this ext, this is perfect ext, saving all image from any tab, especially it has own download folder
  • No update for new firefox.Just for old version
  • good
  • Beautiful and useful addon, but, please make an update for Firefox 57!!!
  • please update it for firefox 57
  • 求更新,太好用了
  • 如能更新 感激不尽
  • the best add on to download image ... please update it for firefox 57
  • 最好用的,希望支持57 万分感谢
  • 用过最好用的图片下载插件,可惜不支持57,请更新,谢谢!
    Best image download plugin,not support firefox57,please update,thanks!
  • the best add on to download image ... please update it for firefox 57
  • 希望能更新啊
  • 希望更新啊啊
  • I found this as a substitute.

  • it's very important app.
    we need new virsion, update please.
  • ????? will u update the add-dons to Firefox 57 or u will not
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please respond