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  • Version 5.0 is suck ver 3.1 better

    When is activated the load page it is not finished and after when it is disabled it completes the load page with the image. it is not effective when using many tabs

    When I use ver 3.1 there is no such problem
    You are rating the addon as poor when your review has noting to do with the addon. If you feel firefox quantum is slower than earlier firefox versions, better tell the firefox developer team!
  • it was very good, essential, addon... but it's not updated since 2010?
    I did update it in 2016 again... Anyway the new version works with Quantum. Give it a try, let me know if it works
  • FF 57.0 not supported........please update such a great add-on
    Updated version now available
  • This is maybe my favourite extension and I refuse to install FF 57 until it is compatible with ImageBlock. Please upgrade soon!! Thanks.
    I appreciate your solidarity! Took longer than it should, finally done
  • It never installed... :_)
  • this addon works fine with firefox 56.0.2 but is shown as legacy with firefox 57 beta versions and is deieted. Will it be updated before 14th November when firefox 57 is released for public use ?
  • I hope you will added whitelist in the future
  • I had this disabled and then uninstalled the app, then NO images would display. I had to re-install the addon then enable it to get images to show up again.
  • The best. Blocked image replaced by an empty frame, so websites does not looks aweful.
    But I need to always see cached image for certain sites.
  • Would you like to hide images, videos and Flash in Firefox 57 and newer? See https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hide-images-per-tab. It doesn't block downloading, but it hides or shows images/flash.
  • I can't sing the praises of this excellent add on enough. Very easy, simple and convenient to use, it is free from all the cumbersome white list and black list nonsense that other image blockers have. Unlike IE image blocker (which is inconvenient and time consuming to activate), this image blocker is right at your fingertip whenever you need it. It takes only a second to activate and it works so well and smooth. Its the most intuitive and user friendly add on out there. Thank you Herman Vats for keeping this so simple and uncomplicated. Great job dude!!!
  • Can't see button on Huawei p 8 lite android 6.0
  • good job guys
  • Under Google Image, you have a lovely white pages and don't see any images. But if you click anywhere on the white page you reach the image ...
    Anyway a good tool
  • recommendable! It adds an icon to the tool bar, with "customize toolbar" menu can me removed or added, etc
  • You need to manually revert
    Permissions.default.image to 1 in about:config to allow images to be displayed after removing this add-on
  • Works well for for I need it for - simply blocks images on fb, etc. saving you bandwidth.
  • It does not block base64 encoded images at all, which was the purpose I had in mind for it, since adblock doesn't do that either. *sigh* Oh well ...
  • Don't be put off by the negative reviews. The plugin is quite limited, but it does exactly what it says: block images while browsing. Note that it does not block the images on a page that is already loaded--if you find that a page is displaying images you don't want to see, you'll have to turn this on and reload the page.
    With the proliferation of soft porn on even "respectable" sites, this is a valuable tool for those who value their minds and hearts.
  • One click and every image is blocked. It really helpful for people with slow connection like me :) Usually website won't load but now with this I can set it so only text appear
  • Although it does block images, as it says. I was looking for an app that block's individual images. For example, I browse a site that has one particular unwanted image that advertises but is not detected by adblock plus. I find that adblock only block's images linked by a url. image block kills all images on the page, even the one's I am browsing.
  • Simple yet effective. Useful in corporate environments... thank you very much Hemant!
  • I have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and after I tried this add-on, my images were completely gone - even when I disabled this add-on, deleted it, restarted my PC.

    I installed it again and tried to delete again, didn't help.

    I ended up refreshing Mozilla, so all my add-ons, themes, etc. are lost now. God bless the Firefox Devs for saving at least bookmarks, journal and tabs.

    Thank you very much. I only wanted to have a convinient tool to turn it on the sites which are loaded with unnecessary photos and turn it off, when I'm actually googling PICTURES.

    Not happy at all. Sorry.
  • I am a seo consultant and make backlink for my client site,but website having image make it slow process as those take much time to load but after installing this plugin i am able to do my best.
    Many many thanks to its developer and mozilla organization
  • I was trying to help the dev to fix a problem but my review was gone! What's wrong?
    My reply to your review doesn't seem to appear as well. Anyway, I did get your message through my site comments section. I'll work to fix the bug you have pointed in the next release. Thanks