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  • Nice extension; it does what it says it does. Would appreciate a blacklist (always block regardless of setting) and a whitelist (always allow regardless of setting), though.
  • Works perfectly.

    Author, can you please add support for darkmode? The icon in darkmode is still black, sitting on a dark grey toolbar. It's hard to see. To stay in line with other icons, it should be light grey in darkmode, and black(-ish) otherwise.
  • I guess it does what it says on the box and is a darn sight more convenient than manually setting the permission.default.image attribute. However, it would be nice to introduce a feature to display selected images in-situ, on the webpage, possibly view a right-click option?

    Just noticed that even though the icon shows images are blocked, when starting Firefox (Win 10 Pro 64-bit, FF 66.0.3) images are still displayed. I need to toggle the icon on/off to get it to work. Also, the "Reload on toggle" option doesn't stay checked. When I set it, then exit the add-ons page, then go in again, it's back to unchecked.
  • work well, simple and fast.
    on my motoX FF66 and win7 FF66
    oh, just one thing, it shows"images are allowed" even when it blocks image on phone FF66
  • Works very good with Firefox Quantum. Extremely useful if you are on limited data and want to eliminate unnecessary images from consuming your data. It will load the images when disabled and page refreshed but will keep the same setting for subsequent tabs. Would be more useful if remembered the tab setting and even more if loads selected images.
    All in all thanks for the effort of Christian Kuhl.
  • Works well. There's an option to auto-refresh the page when you switch on or off.