Great. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Great addon. Unfortunately, the latest version (8.3.0) has screwed up TabMixPlus bookmarks that should open in a new tab. Shame, as I used it a lot.

Update - as of 26th June 2013, there is a new version available, as per the comment below. This has fixed by TabMixPlus issues, so I am happy again. Thanks to the developer(s) for that.

There is still an issue when your macro opens a new tab inside Firefox, whereby, if you are currently focused on the last tab, a new one is opened alongside side, if you are in the middle (horizontally speaking), it tramples over an existing tab. But, I can live with that, and I use this add-on almost every day.

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TabMixPlus issue fixed

Hi.. we have a new version sitting in the review queue. You can already download it from our website: