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    Putting aside limitations, which effectively make it not worth to try iMacros for people who don't have 100$ to throw away, I found a serious problem with memory and processor use in FF 64+. I started to observe serious delays in opening new tabs (when one have many of them eg. 80-100) and switching between them. Using Task, the new feature of FF65, I realized that iMacros use really HUGE amount of processor. This is not related to use of iMacros - the effect was observed without iMarcos active. Everything went to normal when I disabled iMacros...
    Thus, unloaded...
    Hopefully, someone will create something not so blown up and free.
  • very good fighting!thinks!
  • iMacros just became worthless. I've been using iMacros since they started. It was a really good tool to do small tasks (in my case). Now it just became worthless due to the limitations form the last versions. Sad to see a company to disappoint so many users.
    Definitely removing it from my browser after years of use.

    It was pretty good for Firefox, worthless for Chrome and not even try it on IE...
    They think ppl is going to pay $100 bucks for it? LOL! Someone has to be fired from the company.
    I hope they think about it in a near future and we can keep using it as we were used to.
    But sincerely I'm disappointed about Ipswitch, Inc