Will meet the needs of users wanting to be rid of iGoogle's new tabs Rated 4 out of 5 stars

[Note: I was not a user of this extension. This review was submitted to provide examples to the AMO editors of how I would review addons.]

The extension works as described and does not cause side effects to non-intended websites.

* Change the text in the Tools menu from "Enable/Disable iGoogle Remover" to "Enable/Disable iGoogle Tab Remover". As it is, it sounds like it should remove iGoogle completely in some way.
* Enable the extension to work on other iGoogle country TLDs when the new iGoogle interface goes live there. Currently the extension will only work for www.google.com.
* Future-proof the extension by making it not do anything if it doesn't detect the components of the iGoogle page that it expects to be there. That is, when a different version of iGoogle comes out that the extension won't work with, the extension shouldn't continue to affect the iGoogle page in any way (if possible).
* Clean up unused files packaged in the xpi and pieces of code/names leftover from extension template code.

The displaying of the iGoogle left tab when the blue box the extension adds is clicked could be improved. It is far from perfect and what is displayed does not work as well as the original iGoogle tabs do. I would consider the extension buggy because of this if it were not for the fact that my assumption is that people using this extension probably don't actually want to use the new iGoogle tabs at all, ever. I assume there is a cleaner way to do this so that it works smoothly and would cause people disliking Google's changes to iGoogle to exclaim "that's what Google should have done."

Regarding the categories this extension is listed in here on AMO, which are currently 1) Appearance, 2) Toolbars, and 3) Tabs: I don't see why this is in the Toolbars category. I also don't feel it fits in Tabs because Tabs refers to Tabs in the browser, not something called "tabs" by some web application's own interface. I know it's tempting to put it into as many categories as possible for exposure reasons, but sometimes it's inaccurate.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4). 

Comments addressed in Version 1.4.1

Thanks for the suggestions.
I have implemented all of your suggestions, except the Future proofing, as I can not anticipate the changes Google will make.

I have also reworked the popup menu to look and behave more like tabs. So that if a person has more than one tab they can easily switch between them.