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  • Works decently, but buggy:

    - At first attempt to download, have to select the plugin twice before it'll actually bring up the save dialog to download

    - Doesn't remember the last location of save. Goes back to the Firefox default every time. It should remember the last save location and pre-populate
  • Downloaded images (JPG) cannot been opened in Photoshop (CS6) because of an error message: The operation could not be performed because of a problem interpreting the JPG data. (latest Firefox and latest AddOn)
  • When I right-click photo and select "Download photo from Instagram" nothing happens. When I do that again, then I'm getting download dialog. I always have to do that twice. Other than that, it works great. :)
  • This useful add-on helps with saving Instagram photos from posts or stories fast and easy.
    You just need to click the add-on icon on the browser's toolbar in posts' page to save photo (or first photo of sliding posts). In order to save photos form posts on your Instagram feed (or other than first photo of sliding posts), you need to click the right menu option 'Download photo from Instagram'.

    I just wish the add-on would remember the 'last saved location', instead of opening the save dialogue window to the default download location every time. This would increase efficiency dramatically.

    There is also a small bug, when trying to save photos from a sliding post (via right click menu option): After saving the first photo, when you slide to second photo of the slide and click 'Download photo from Instagram' from right menu again, the add-on saves the first photo again (instead of the second one). So, you need to try again and this time it saves second photo correctly.

    It would be great if this add-on also supports saving video from posts the same way.
    Features like saving story's videos or IG videos would also make it a unique suite.
  • superd produit merci
  • Works just nice
  • Works great. However there is one thing that is very annoying! It always reverts to saving in the download folder! Please make it start in the the last folder used! Thanks!!!
    Thanks for the review, will update it!
  • This works exactly as described. Thank you!
  • Sometimes it works, and sometimes it records other images that we have not selected instead of recording the right ones. So it's random, so it's useless.
  • Ok let me update the review, I don't know if I needed a restart but now with Firefox 64, it works with all photo in post.
    Inside stories, the right click is not available but you can download the picture by clicking on the extension icon in the tool bar.
    It isn't supposed to work with video - I've made this separate addon for that functionality: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/instagram-video-downloader/
  • This is the third app I've tried for downloading Instagram photos, but it's the first that actually works.
    Thanks a bunch!
  • Works great and without problems! Thank you!
    Thank you!
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