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  • Warning. Ifox has no tech support. New ifox had a completely dead speaker, turns out their site has no tech support!
  • Thanks for the update
  • A fork of iFox Metal is now available here :
  • Please update so its compatible with Firefox 3.6!

    I cant use any other theme :(

    If you do I shall give you a donation!
  • Great Theme!! Can't Update to 3.6 till this is updated. Please Update!
  • please update.!!!!, I really need this theme and it's not compatible with this new version of firefox !!!
  • Please update so it's compatible with Firefox 3.6. Thanks!
  • muy bueno
  • I don't like this very much. I just don't like the entire series of the iFox themes. There are many better safari themes out there other than these.
  • doesn't work iFox forum, and iFox doesnt work under FF 3.6
  • doesn't work iFox forum, and iFox doesnt work under FF 3.6
  • Very nice. The green background in the url bar -or whatever it's called- seems a little odd. Nevertheless, it looks neat and classy.
  • nice theme, but where is the "new tab button" ? could you make it to the right of the tabs? there is button over there, but it's invisible... please )))
  • Looks very nice on my Mac. Thanks.
  • This is the best FF skin for me too.
    Лучшая тема для FF 3.5 )))
  • Best theme I've used, but it's still not 100% compatible with FF 3.5.

    For example, the Clear All History page is missing a button beside DETAILS to expand this section. I had to guess and just press in the open area to the left.


    Otherwise, wicked theme!
  • Love this theme, but the latest version breaks Fission progress bar extension. I had tweaked the previous version to work in FF3.5 and the Fission bar worked fine in that, but since the update it's totally messed up.

    Fission author discusses theme compatibility here -> http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=2087637#p2087637 and in a few other places.
  • This is the best FF skin for me. If you want to find a version compatible with FF3.5 click on "See All Versions" hyperlink and you will find iFox Metal version 3.5 (experimental). So far it works for me without any problems. (I think you have to be a registered user of this website to install experimental add-ons.)
  • Awesome, but compatibility with Firefox 3.5 is sucks;(
  • Clean simple design. Elegant.
  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • Beautiful cool clean theme, I love it! Out of all the iFox themes you have done this one is my favourite and it goes really well with the Leopard XP theme I'm using. Thank you!
  • Looks nice... better support for Fission seems to be good. Round the awesome bar off and you've got a truly Safari-esque theme.
  • Round out the address bar and make it compatible with fission and it'll be five stars.
  • Too bad this theme isn't compatible with the fission extension, otherwise very good