Great Add-On - Only one feature missing Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This plugin does EXACTLY what I want and does it beautifully, but there's one feature missing:

IE View Lite has the ability to set a website to always open in IE, but this option should be available in the menu rather than having to open the IE View Lite options and paste the url into the "Always open in IE" list.

With that one tweak, this add-on would be perfection.

VERY MINOR additional features that would be nice (in order from most to least important):

1. Buttons for "Open in IE" and "Always Open in IE" in the Add-On Bar.
2. If IE is already open, open in new IE tab instead of new window.
3. Buttons for "Open in IE" and "Always Open in IE" in the Navigation Bar.
4. Add "Open in IE" and "Always Open in IE" to the Tab's context menu.

P. S. I did some testing on my Windows 7 x64 system and it is more efficient than IE View.