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  • try another extension
  • If anyone needs an alternative that works with FF48+ then just search for 'IE View 2016'.
  • having used this add-on for something like 5 years (my go-to, simple, minimalist, right-click 'open page in IE' extension), I've just discovered it no longer works.

    I've moved to "open with Internet Explorer" (Baris Derin). This does more than I personally need but at least it works (tested with general release FF 45).
  • Abandoned, hasn't worked in ages.
  • Will give 3 stars for good services provided in the past. As the last review said, there's a long time I don't even need it. IE got much better, and I also tend to use it close to zero times, since most of the sites I do access have no more problems with the "alternative" guys. ;-)

    In fact, I was going to use IE View to open a page on Tor Browser. Oh well. Will find some other way just to be cool. I can always copy and paste. ;-)

    BTW, it seems the site really doesn't exist anymore. Also, the options window generate some errors in the console.
  • This is over 4.5 years old as of now, and it's only semi-functional with the latest versions of Firefox. You can still right-click and force IE to start, but you can no longer specify an IE location (if you want to override), nor can you save any entries you want to auto-open in IE. It appears this is an abandoned add-on.
  • Using Fx 29 beta, the Path to iexplore.exe could not be added - even using about:config
    Also, the extension's Home page doesn't open for me.
  • How do I use this when the website traps right click? I am aware of other plugins that re-enable the context menu right click but that does not work on my internal web-site either.
  • We switched to IE View Lite a few months ago, when the previous solution we were using got bloated with junk. I was very happy to switch to IE View Lite, and it worked perfectly.

    Until now: Now IE View Lite is seen as incompatible with Firefox 24.3.0, so it gets disabled. It's not very valuable if it's disabled.

    Does anyone have a workaround for this?
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    Perfect one-click solution for sites that insist on dictating which browser we should use.
  • All it does is open IE for you when you click on a link that you've designated; it's not an IE emulator for Firefox which is what I wanted. I'm not sure what the point of this is since I could open IE myself just as easily.
  • Easy to use and doesn't slow down your browser A+++.

    However, note that the toolbar icon does not show up (i.e. it's effectively an invisible button) unless you change it to use "small icons." Please fix this.

    Image: http://puu.sh/4izBG.png
  • Works as advertised even has an option to always load a certain page in IE. Note: this version does not come with adware like the original does now.
  • This plugin does EXACTLY what I want and does it beautifully, but there's one feature missing:

    IE View Lite has the ability to set a website to always open in IE, but this option should be available in the menu rather than having to open the IE View Lite options and paste the url into the "Always open in IE" list.

    With that one tweak, this add-on would be perfection.

    VERY MINOR additional features that would be nice (in order from most to least important):

    1. Buttons for "Open in IE" and "Always Open in IE" in the Add-On Bar.
    2. If IE is already open, open in new IE tab instead of new window.
    3. Buttons for "Open in IE" and "Always Open in IE" in the Navigation Bar.
    4. Add "Open in IE" and "Always Open in IE" to the Tab's context menu.

    P. S. I did some testing on my Windows 7 x64 system and it is more efficient than IE View.
  • The menu item does nothing in Linux. The description says "For Linux, put wine as the path and the location of IE as the parameter." but I'm not sure what that means. I run Linux, I do not have IE, how can I place the location of IE as a parameter?
  • great addon ! I like it
  • Doesn't seem to work in Linux. I don't know if it's the app or if it's that I'm running Linux. When click to view page in IE, it doesn't do anything.
  • Useful
  • Too bad this doesn't work on a Mac. When I click "View This Page in IE" it opens a new window, which turns out to be a Safari one, not IE.
  • Please, could you publish an Opera version of this add-on? I understand that I can set this to launch Opera already but I would like both options installed: IE View Lite and Opera View Lite. There are other add-ons for opening Opera but they don't feature site lists like this one. Thank you!
  • An useless addon considering this:
  • Thank you for your WORK.
  • essential add-on! Thank you.

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  • Excellent add-on. I give it 5 stars.