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  • Fortunately I used IE tab very rarely. Fortunately, because I was always wondering why websites' loading in firefox takes apparently more time than in other browsers on my computer. Now, I saw that I cannot open some websites because firefox was trying to connect with www.superfish.com which is unreachable. The problem didn't appear on other browsers so I started disabling add-ons one by one and restarting firefox. It turns out that websites' loading was taking so much time because of IE tab add-on trying to connect to some server every time I tried to open one. Now it's disabled and web surfing speeded up immediately.
  • Thanks 77sam77!

  • Bonjour, comme vous le savez, mon niveau Net est < à 1 ! Aussi, je ne comprends pas, même en français, ce qu'il serait conseillé de faire, et gratuitement aussi ?
    De plus, je ne sais comment agir facilement, pour autoriser des sites ? (ou mail)N'ayant pas une page normale, je n'ai pas "outils",par exemple ,...Merci Vi
  • slow development
  • I love this plugin...and already feeling handicapped since i upgraded to 4 Beta...any plans of upgrading this?
  • I love this extension too.
    But You don't need it to work with sharepoint.
    in your address bar and add sharepoint url in
    Anyway great extension for other purposes
  • I've loved IE Tab. It's made having to work in SharePoint not require me to abandon FireFox. Please fix this for 3.6.

    IE Tab 2 may be the same version, but it does not work with SharePoint. I'd rather just wait for this one to be compatible.
  • IE Tab 2 IS the new version. It's the same product, same source code, just updated to support Firefox 3.6 and beyond: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/92382/
  • Please get a new release for 3.6.6 and Firefox 4.0. Without this many site does not work on firefox.
  • try this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/92382/
  • Will not work on the newest version of FF. ggrrr...
  • «IE Tab Plus» is a similar Add-on with even more options.
    alternat URL:
    I u chose the classic mode it works as IE Tab.
    As there are no more updates avbl I can give only one star.
  • please make a update for this so we can use it on the newest version of firefox.... i cant stand the fact that after i click post on this i am going to have to close firefox and open IE to be able to go further... this sucks... LOL
  • This is very useful because some website wont display in firefox, please update so it works with the newest firefox, I have to do FAFSA and i actually have to *shiver* use IE
  • please update it
  • IE Tab 2 (FF 3.6+) 無法適用 火狐3.6.3

  • This product is great, but the owners of this version have disappeared.

    IE Tab 2 _is_ an updated version of this exact extension (they are both open source). It is just being maintained by different developers.
  • When does this get an update to support 3.6.4?? Thanks
  • does it work with firebug?
  • Do you have an ETA to update it for Firefox 3.6.3?
  • Do you have an ETA to update this for Firefox 3.6.3? Thank you.
  • Do you an ETA to update this for Firefox 3.6.3? Thank you.
  • Please update this addon. It has been awhile, and it no longer works with Firefox.
  • Please update this addon. It has been awhile, and it no longer works with Firefox.
  • Very handy.