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  • Desencanto y fustración.
    Amigos espero que lo arreglen.
    Un abrazo.
    Pedro Francisco
  • Pourrait être très utile, mais n'est pas compatible avec FF Quantum !!!

    Merci de faire une mise à jour URGENTE !
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum
  • Very good
  • Can't add new bookmarks when this add-on is active @ Firefox ESR 52.7.3 :(
  • good
  • df
  • 怎么不能添加
  • Please add support for Firefox Quantum! Use the way that Chrome-version of IE Tab uses. (Using an external application)
  • nothing
  • I use this plug in with Chrome and it works. I have installed in Firefox and it does not work- it does not do anything with the ActiveX screens I get when on IE
  • 本想用來打開網銀的,可得到的只有一個空白頁
  • Don´t working anymore :( FF 55.2.2
  • Stopped working on Chrome I just wanted to try it of my favorite browser FireFox but no luck. I have always few tabs open after I installed this extension my tabs are no longer remembered. On the top of that this extension did not work. Just removed it. Too pity.
  • This did not work for me. The page just goes blank.
  • in firefox 55, when starting firefox with reload all session, many page can't reload properly.
  • status message: connecting ... and nothing else
  • By this addon bookmarkins is disable. You cant use Ctrl + D as well as by clicking to add bookmark
  • This add-on does not work anymore.
  • While this add-on still works, it now prevents you from clicking the star in the toolbar to add a bookmark. (You can still drag a link into the bookmark menu.) Disabled until this is fixed, since I use bookmarks more than IE tabs.
  • this add-on now is useless
  • None of the commands for bookmarking current page does not work if this add-on is enabled.
  • Add On funktioniert, deaktiviert aber "Lesezeichen für diese Seite speichern" bzw. den Stern
  • As said by others, I can no longer save bookmarks. 100% verified - only if IE tab enabled. Issue obviously existed for at least 5 months.