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  • I had to disable this. Causes the scroll bar to turn invisible with Aeon 5.0 (& FF 7.01). It has been a very useful add-on otherwise.
  • This addon finally helped me get rid of IE as I can now use IE Tab to access some IE-based application running for my College. Thanks a lot!

    PS: As for now, it works fine with Firefox 7.0.1
  • I am using version with FF version 7.0.1 without any problems.

    Even D-Link products like ADSL modems and wifi routers - that simply can't be configured using web interface under native FF can be accessed AND configured by simply clicking on the IE icon in the addon bar.
  • well ok , it sort of works , but is incompatible with firefox password manager

    so either the ie tab is not so great , or the password manager does not manage much in the end .... but it doesn't help to make it useful !
  • I love this add-on. However, ever since I upgraded my FF to 6 something strange is happening. The back button in FF 6 does not work :( I had to disable this add-on to make it work again. This has never happened before in the previous version of FF. Is this an isolated case? Can anybody help me?
  • Wow @Maxbester you should go think about what you just said. Why in the world would you even review this app if you are that stupid. Internet Explorer is a WINDOWS program, NOT Mac or Linux. So it obviously will not work on Linux or Mac!!!

    As far as my rating on the program, I do like having it there for when I need it. At my job I use Firefox instead of IE whenever possible, but my stupid employer feels the need to use Windows and make their internal programs run off of crappy Internet Explorer code (and they made the program for Internet Explorer 6 coding and it won't even work on IE7, 8, or 9 without rewriting the entire code!). It won't work on Firefox. This is the best thing for me because I am more productive and can easily move between my tabs in Firefox. I have these certain programs automatically run in an IE Tab and it works great!
  • Doesn't work on Linux nor Mac yet...
  • This add-on I use a long time, but from version Firefox 4 and above I have problem with viewing of lists on pages of our company Intranet site which is build on Windows Sharepoint services technology. Firefox completely freezes and I have to always make hard reset of browser. In Firefox 3.6 I can solve this problem if I set dom.ipc.enabled in about:config settings to true, but this method does not work in the newer browsers.
  • Hi Mate, many thanks for this valuable addon. IETab V2: request the original, avoid fakes ;)

    Très bien et surtout super efficace !

    Fonctionne avec Firefox portable 5.0. J'avais un souci de compatibilité CCS et JavaScript sur le service Hotmail Calendar (invitation impossible de participants à un RV) et ce module l'a résolu de facto.

    Paramétrage souple et étendu. La configuration des boutons de souris pour les différentes options de clic, au moins pour l'icône de la barre des tâches, serait un plus bien pratique.

    Mais bon, vu l'efficacité et la simplicité, c'est déjà un must have !

    Et surtout, en choisissant ce module, vous évitez la polémique autour de son cousin IETab Plus/IEtab + qui s'est fait une réputation sulfureuse par sa démarche "commerciale" mais qui n'est pas justifiée.
  • Excellent, convenient plugin. Even better if it would allow switching between standard and compatibility modes.
  • 很好的火狐插件,强烈支持!
  • IE Tab is a useful product but it is no longer compatible with Roboform. I've written in their forum four separate times over the past few months hoping for feedback to see if there's a setting or some type of workaround. No response - hence the 1 star.
  • Using FF5 and Roboform 7. The latter doesn't work at all. The only reason I have this add-on is so I can access sites where financial transactions forms aren't compatible with Firefox (Visa for instance). Without Roboform it's a pain and I might as well load up IE8.
  • IETab V2 works for most sites in FF5, but for one of the main sites I use it now causes FF to completely lock up.
  • When accessing any SSL site (https://) FF fails to show the SSL icon. The page does load but is not secure. You can go to Tools -> Page Info and you'll see it says: "Connection not encrypted."

    The same pages work just fine in IE and the certificate shows proving the connection is secure. Or load the same page in FF but not with the IE engine and it will also be secure. I tried all the various IE Tab plugins and none of them encrypt the traffic using SSL. What a shame. Now I wonder if my connections were ever secure when visiting https links as I've never looked into this before (since I don't get a popup stating the certificate is invalid or anything). I've verified this to be the case with FF 4 and 5.
  • The name of this add-on implies that it supports all versions of Firefox after 3.5, including FF5, but it does not work in FF5.
  • 终于是一个比较完美的版本了,本人实测,IE8环境下,FF5可用,淘宝可用,支付宝可用,工行、中信银行、招商银行网银可用,目前为止没有发现广告劫持,感谢开发人员的努力。Finally, its almost a perfect version. In IE8, it support FF5. I tested the taobao,alipay,icbc/citic bank/cmb netbank, IE tab support these site very well. And I dont find adware yet. Thanks for the excellent work.
  • Title says it supports FF3.5 - 7+, but it doesn't. When I tried to upgrade to FF 5 I received an incompatibility message.
  • I wish to get the function in IE Tab V2 , it can provide to use the outside IE Browser to open web page.I have a problem when I open a some JSP pop-up page, the browser is blank and not any character context. The problem sometimes occurs.When I use IE Tab Plus or IE tab+ ,the problem has not occur.
  • Great - simple and effective.
  • The reason I got this add on was while in Firefox sometimes it wouldn't play embedded video's and a sports site I like which had alot of videos I had trouble with, I assume the site was optimised for IE. Now whenever I have a problem with playing a vid I right click choose IE2 and the vid will usually play. Simple and effective, what more could you want, 5*****
  • I have used it for awhile and like it.I used the original one, but when they didn't update it for Firefox xx (I can't remember) soon enough, I switched to this and haven't looked back.
  • works perfectly straight away
  • I've tried them all. This one is solid, it never crashes like the other ones, and it doesn't install adware like the other one!

    I am a web developer so I appreciate being able to switch between IE7 and IE9 modes in the options.
  • Why do I can not log in ICBC? What‘s more,I can’t find the place where to enter password!!