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  • FF 48.0.2 x64 - "Need a plugin to display the page" - so it is possible to open the page in IE only, not in FF window.
  • Problems with hotmail present in firefox but not in Internet Explorer persisted with IETab.
  • On FF48 with multitask enabled, It works well as usual. But only manually; the automatic site filters seem to never catch.
  • Works, but when a tab is changes to IE it still shows "connecting..." when IE TabMix addon in use. Only tab with changed user agent affected. Tabs using FF are OK. Enter key works OK on tab changed to IE
  • Works just as it should.
    I did switch the compatibility to IE9 instead of the default IE7, but thats it.
    Great addon! Thanks for this!

    Win10Pro / FF47.0.1 / x64
  • 由 天涯海心 发表于 April 21, 2016

  • Hello,

    the addon was deactivated by Firefox, because it has no signature. Can you fix this problem, otherwise I have to deinstall this good addon...
  • If you no longer maintain this plugin, please remove it from Firefox addon library.
  • How do I start a new IE Tab?
    Nowhere in any of their documentation does it say how to actually use it! Their IE Tab documentation is apparently for Chrome as well (nothing for Firefox).
    I don't have any button on my panel like there used to be with IE Tab and there's nowhere else that you can start a new IE tab. What the heck.
  • thanks very much for update.
    works perfect in ff37...
    especially in government and bank website
  • 没什么用,打开后显示:''安装某个插件后才能显示此内容."
  • Doesn't work with FF45 64bit version
  • Works in WF 36, not in any newer.
  • Not work in Firefox 45 multiprocess environement. In single process environement work fine.
  • I have a internal web site that needs NT domain login, and this plug-in don't work for me. Used "IE Tab +" instead. I'm not with any of these two plugin developers.
  • I have used this add on several times, works well, but when i have updated my Firefox, this page giving me message that plugin missing, please fix this issue.
  • Contrary to kalel0's comment (January 10, 2016) works so far flawles with ff44.0.2-x86 (32-bit)
  • This addon wil notl be update anymore because the developer works only for Chrome now.
  • Works well with FF 43.0.2 x32 but when changed to FF 43.0.3 x64 stopped working with a massage that a plug-in is missing
    See review down for FF41 x64, it's the same case. maybe the problem is the 64 bits or that IE engine is not 64 bits also.
    I rolled back to 43.0.2 x32 bit
  • Um ótimo complemento para quem precisa acessar páginas que só abrem com o "querido" Internet Explorer.
  • Very helpful for the few sites that painfully still require IE.
  • Several days ago, I updated to firefox 41 64 bit beta 1 and found that IE Tab Plug-in was missing and IE Tab only web site could note be viewed with IE Tab.

    Therefore, I rolled back to firefox 40 beta 9 and all worked fine.
  • Hi,

    When I open a hyperlink (different form ietab url) from a webpage opened with IeTab the url will also open in an IeTab...
    Is there a way to easily edit the code so a hyperlink will not open with IeTab?

    Tanks for the help!
  • nice
  • Please check the source, I can't download the IE Tab V2 fix "connection ..." problem