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I don't think use other's source then steal other's name is a good idea, even the developer use the addon to make money and ask original IE Tab developer to remove his addon.
picture post by HDKM -

bethertr, are you the developer of IE Tab V2?
Look the date he/she registered and the comment he/she write, is he/she the developer of IE Tab V2?

I also think abananaman is a FAKE ID:

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Open Source Update

IE Tab V2 is an open source update and enhanced version of the original IE Tab. The source code for IE Tab 2 was not readily available for a period of time due to an oversight after a web site update, but any confusion over this has been settled, and the original author is satisfied.

The original IE Tab DID NOT WORK for 3 years. The original authors were contacted many times and asked to consider updating the listing, or even let me update the listing. They never responded to any of my requests or their user requests.

This enhanced version has been constantly updated and supported for that period of time.