IE Tab 2 crash & Roboform Problems Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I dont' know if its the long term solutions but the solution to the problem I had was to keep IE Tab 2 from running in the the OOP plugin by hacking this file found in the extension folder for IE Tab -> "ietabOverlay.js". Near the end of the files is the about:config entry it forces..."("extensions.ietab2.forceOOP", true))" Change true to false. If you try to change it in about:config directly the change won't stick so you need to hack the file "ietabOverlay.js" directly.

My fix is for Firefox 4. You should be able to make the change in about:config directly in 3.6. Also fixes the copy/paste problem. Now if I could figure out how to make the status bar icon change when switching tabs this extension would be perfect, Hopefully the develober will make it right.

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Looking into roboform problems

Hello JayhawksRock,

Thanks for using IE Tab and for sharing the info with other users. Actually, forceOOP can be set to false with about:config. You just have to change the npietab2.dll setting to false _after_ making the change to forceOOP. You can read more about those settings in one of my replies here:

I'm not very familiar with Roboform so I'm not sure which specific functionality isn't working, but I did try saving a form and was able to reload it using right-click. If you can provide some more details about how it fails, I'd really appreciate it.

It is possible that Roboform just won't work with the plugin running in a separate process. I believe we may need to make an option available to run the plugin in-process with Firefox (which is not the default behavior in Fx 4).