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  • it works...for public URL's only. It uses some cloud engine to render in IE...this is less-useful compared to the addons that render locally and therefore can display any URL including local LAN sites.
  • IE preview via cloud service is just incomplete solution. It doesn't solve the problem, since only online sites can be opened with it. For some old software which uses MS IE (like HP enterprise solutions and stuff like that) it is pretty much useless. I'll add a couple of stars, but I'm sorry, it doesn't solve the problem for me. I require something like the IE tab at Chrome. If you can make one somehow, then you'll be the hero.
    Thank you for this review, I'm sorry the add-on is not to your liking. Could you elaborate on what you dislike?
  • If it's not apparent from the description, the site you want to preview in IE *must* be externally accessible—i.e. - it cannot be behind your company's firewall, or on your own machine, etc.
  • i like best
  • Been using this for a while; have tried them all. Very simple, very useful; it does what it's supposed to do.
  • Did not work for me at all because I generate page on-the-fly using JS APIs... the whole point is to preload all page components and then show the page with a transition revealing all at one go (something like Gmail or other such sites)... it's a cool idea, but does not take into account what a page might look at different times during and after loading, and possibly also later. Ok, I know I am in the minority here but then it's the all the new stuff you can do with JS APIs and many great sites are using them increasingly...
  • IE NetRenderer has recently added https:// support and allows to enter an offset in order to view regions further down the webpage. These features were awaited eagerly by many users :-)
  • It could be be good, but NetRenderer is but blocked by my work proxy, and I was hoping this might resolve it. Back to BrowserLab.
  • wow finally i have something good.. will decide how good is this. since i am on linux i need to check on ie
  • It's only a link to a static picture. I can't check my files in localhost, I can't check scripts and actions. But I can check on Linux how my page looks on IE and it can be useful.
  • Excellent add-on for anyone wanting to avoid IE. Waiting for version that will render ssl, then IE will be a thing of the past! Thanks.
  • IE at your fingertips...almost. This is a handy add-on, marred only by the partial screenshot. Still, anything to delay having to install Windows on my MacBook.

    Was going to give it three stars, but had to award a fourth for speed: NetRenderer puts Browsershots to shame.
  • Too inconsistent to be useful.
  • Does exactly what the description says and works much faster and more reliable than other browser screenshot services that I've tested. Nice tool for quick IE rendering tests when using Linux or Mac OS!
  • Nice APP! From a Mac user & Firefox fan this is Golden
  • Looks like a good product. Anyway to run it locally? it tries to post back to its host server and my employer's proxy server blocks it. Can't use it :o(
  • Works like a charm - thanks, could be nice with some options like hide Context-menu item :)
  • No https support :(
  • Loads of page content not shown on Microsoft download pages.
    Doesn't work with Firefox 3.0.7
    Cant use any clicks on the Windows update site which only works with IE, so I have to load IE7.
    Badly needs updated
    Add-on description: "get a screenshot of the current page with IE NetRenderer".

    Of course a click on the screenshot won't give anything.
  • I tried it and it does not show what IE displays. I tried Render In IE6 and IE7 both display something different then what is displayed in the real IE6 and IE7.
    Can you explain what are the differences? Font sizes and many things may be slightly different on your computer depending on your settings.

    You can find some more information about the version of IE that is used by IE NetRenderer here: http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/index.php?page=1 and here: http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/index.php?page=2
  • It is a nice Idea, but you cannot test any interactivity on it since it is only a screenshot. No links or anything.
  • Good for me !
  • L'idée est intéressante et je te souhaite bcp de réussite, YOU DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME ;).
  • It's really great for published web site, but for local developpment, this is not usefull...
    For anyone who wan't to develop on local try MultipleIE (with a javascript bug on IE6 but ok for design)
    And if I am using Linux or Mac OS?

    Actually, the idea was to provide a quick access to the service provided by IE NetRenderer website that I find usefull, right from Firefox (and not the reinvent the wheel!). As mentioned in the description, I'm not affiliated with this website (although the extension is available on it).
  • This is an interesting concept, and though I'm not sure what other options are available for developers working on platforms aside from windows to view their webpages as rendered by various versions of Internet Explorer, this plugin is more of a novelty than a useful tool.

    It sends the request for the page you wish to view to an outside server and has them render the page, take a screenshot, and sends the screenshot back to you.

    No ability to test dynamic elements, view or edit the source, and I imagine it won't work for sites behind a firewall.
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