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  • The developer has a poll for which of his themes he should update. If you would like to see iAqua updated go vote for it:

  • I like everything about this theme except for the close button being on the left side of the tabs. Is there a way to tweak it so they're on the right side?

  • i like this theme but it's not for firefox 3... update please

  • update When ? Waiting.

  • This theme surprised me! Although I run Macs, I usually steer away from themes based on Safari, Aqua, or the Mac OS that I see all the time. I usually go for more individualistic creations.

    I took a chance on this one and now say it is one of the top themes for Firefox. It's simply handsome!

    It's muted, tailored, rounded but elegant, classy yet engaging. I would call iAqua female - a brainy, persuasive, ultra successful business woman who doesn't talk, walk, feel, or move "like a man." She wows in the boardroom and meeting her at the country house every weekday evening is a powerful, hunk husband who can't think of being any where without her!

    This one has it all!

  • This is exactly what I wanted! So elegant and totally free from bloat. Thank you!

  • Very clean looking, and I will be using this for a while.

    Only thing I would change is to have the close button on the right hand side, because I'm so used to it, but I guess I can get used to that.

  • Nice and clean-looking. Can't wait to use it.

  • Would be nice to be able to go back in history more than one page at a time (much like iPox does)

  • The first impression I get of this when firefox appears was: "very clear!!"
    This theme looks great and give a clear and fresh look, so makes me consider to change all my desktop to fit this theme :P
    Very good work!!
    PS: The close tab buttons could be in the right instead of the left, IMO.

  • Very stable, very clean and unobtrusive. This is probably the best skin I have tried.

  • I have literally search all other themes from this site and this theme comes out on top. Yes, some would be argued cooler and others more stunning but it is this theme that i changed back to after trying over 50 of the best. Iaqua has the most perfect scroll bar out of all themes i have ever seen. The entire window is refreshing to look at and i sometimes even leave my Mozilla window opened even when i am not using the internet just to look at it.
    You might be wondering why i rated it 9 out of ten and not 10 which my comment clearly suggests. The reason is because, and i know this is picky, but the very top bar that has file, edit, view, history, etc is too plain compared to the rest of the window. I would strongly suggested and more so plead for TwisterMc (the brilliant creator of this theme) to include the background of the second bar or strip from the top (the one with the back arrows and the url link of the site and stuff) to be the same on the top.
    After all this i have to say...

    GET THIS THEME!!! IT IS A DEFINITE TOP ONE (not top three)

  • Excellent theme - looks insanely good on my mac. Makes me want to surf the web more...you've successfully reignited the fanboy in me for firefox.

  • This theme is very good! Has a unique look, unlike any of the others. I as I'm sure a lot of others users would appreciate it if you would make iAqua compatible with Fission the next release and also brighten the inactive tabs a bit.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  • I love this theme!! It does exactly what I was looking for. It's lightweight, fast, attractive and has colors that are not only easy on the eyes but don't distract from the browser content.

    I have searched high and low for a theme like this. This one is a keeper!

    Thank you for a well designed theme!!

  • Clean,Crisp & Fresh. Number 1 in my Book!

    This has become my Main Theme.Don't give up on this one please!

    Wish it worked w/Fission and had Bookmark lines when open in sidebar like Safari. Minor but miss them.

    Need Thunderbird version!

    Keep up the great work!

  • You have created a brilliant theme. Its attractive and its fast, even when being used with multiple tabs. There is one issue however. It doesn't play well with the "fission" extension. The address bar is temporarily altered while "fission" does its stuff. I've encountered the problem with FF running under Linux. Again excellent piece of work!!!

  • Nice and clean and small and tight. Oh, yeah! I think they will love your TB, to come, too. :-)

  • This is simply one of the best themes that I have used with Firefox. I liked some of your previous themes but this is the best to me. I wish it would work with the Fission extension though.

  • Theme looks great - any chance on porting that to Thunderbird?

  • you made very good job thank you very much! my only regret: the theme is not compatible with fission add-ons!

  • This is an awesome theme, especially the way you made the "Go" arrow fit nicely. The only problem is that the bottom of the tab bar doesn't look right; the gray background doesn't quite reach to the bottom of the tab bar, so it looks misaligned.

  • Very nice theme, I like the colors and layout very much, and would use it, except that I find the unfocused tabs very difficult to read. I use no tab extensions, perhaps one could darken the text.
    Otherwise, very fine.

  • Finally a theme that doesn't require any tweaking. Excellent theme for Firefox. Does the author have a Thunderbird theme in the works?

  • It's been a long time since there's been a good aqua-theme that works with the newest versions of Firefox. Has some aesthetics that could be improved for a more unified look, but overall a great theme!

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