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  • Really can't say enough good things about this theme. It's absolutely gorgeous and sleek as hell and this is coming from a former user of the unfortunately outdated Rein.

    Every single aspect of it is meticulously well represented and well thought out. Everything from the scroll bar to the address box, even the things that the creator didn't even think of like Tree Style Tabs and the All In One Side Bar

  • I never did like the original iAqua, but I do like the unique touches you've put into the spiritual sequel to the theme, Jivko.

    Developer response

    Glad you like it. When I find more time I'll add custom tab group window design as well. The theme had it in the previous version but I had to remove it because of a bug, but now I know how to fix it.

  • Very nice visually however not as compact as it could be considering it's in the compact category. The status bar itself has lots of unused space that could be eliminated to make this look more compact and streamlined.

    Developer response

    There's no status bar in Firefox 4,5,6,7beta 8alpha.Are you talking about an older version of Firefox (3.6 for example)?

  • Claims to the contrary notwithstanding, this elegant theme works in Linux (Fedora Core 14, KDE). Very nice looking, about 25% taller than LittleFox/MicroFox.

  • Any chance this might be available for Mac OS X? The "your platform is not supported" is a particular disappointment where anything aqua (or Aqua) is concerned!

    I hate that Mozilla insists that I rate things any time I leave a comment. What am I supposed to give something I can't try? A perfect score? (But it isn't for me, at any rate.) The lowest score? (But is that fair? The developer doesn't claim it works on my system...) Something in between? (Why? How much?) By far the fairest option is not to rate but that Mozilla have decided, in their infinite wisdom, would be a freedom too far...

    Please understand that my rating is therefore arbitrary. I'm starting with one. Next time this happens, I'll use two. Then three. Then four. Then five. Then back to one. I suggest others do the same. Hopefully the statistical effect will be to cancel each other out and equal a non-rating. (I don't think this quite works but I can't think of a better strategy.)

    Developer response

    It'd be nice if I have someone to test it for me.Perhaps you'd like to try.Email me to whitebluepc@abv.bg and I'll send you the theme.I don't own a Mac to test it on and if I tick the mac support option and there's a bug iAqua won't be reviewed.I need someone to test it for me.It should work fine on Mac but I want to make sure everything runs well.

  • Very beautiful theme - it is insulting that installation in Firefox 3.6.13 isn't possible

    Developer response

    The 3.6 version is available here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/iaqua-fresh-water-blue-v36/versions/

  • Great. The description is a bit confusing, will this continue to be supported for FF4 or not?

    Developer response

    I didn't have time to edit the description but the theme works with Firefox 4.I'm glad you like it. :)

  • Nice work.

  • Lovely job!

  • Very clean, fresh design. Not a perfect theme, by any means - the author's use of an extra t-i-n-y font (size 7 ?) for the 'Options' menu (FF 3.5.8) is both puzzling and jarring, as is the rendering of some 'Options' buttons as semicircles - but still one of my top five faves, overall.

  • amazing work, just one thing...I notice some of the buttons in the "tools" --> "options" windows/screens are a lil distorted O_o;;; like the up and down arrow buttons...>_

  • Oh no !!

    I though it was for Mac and someone finally succedeed in removing this anoying space-wasting title bar...

  • I really like this theme but am having trouble with highlighting entries in the address or search bar. When I select the text nothing highlights however I can still edit.

  • i love this theme, the colors go together great along with the macish style, but i love it when the back button is larger than the forward one... you could make the back button the same as now with the small icon set for people that like it the way it is

  • At last I've found a theme that really works lighter coloured themes work best IMO.
    I like the idea of blue text in the URL, it's a very nice clean cut theme with really cool icons, definately the best theme of all and i've tried 'em all.

  • Very nice! Simple and elegant, and easy on the eyes. Used with ColorfulTabs and it is gorgeous.

  • Amazingly good looking theme,Firefox looks good again now in KDE.

  • Clear and clean but not dull. Remarkable.

  • Nice theme Thanks for all your hard work and time that went into making it and Please continue to make them for us.

  • A good, clean-looking theme. Thanks for updating it for FF 3.5.

    There are a couple of design details that I've noticed that seem a bit out of place, though:
    1. The black background for the arrows that appear when the bookmark list doesn't fit the screen:
    The same background as for the rest of the bookmarks would probably look much better.
    2. The red background for the names of secure sites in the address bar:
    Teal-blue... something more in-line with the rest of the theme would be more fitting, I think.
    Just a suggestion.

  • Nice work. Do you have the same theme for thunderbird? If so please upload it. Thanks.

  • Fantastic Theme! Thanks!

    Maybe try a more dark toolbar-background, Leopard-Like. Keep up the good work!

  • Kudos to the developer of An iAqua theme for updating it for Firefox 3.5 when the original developer wasn't able to do so. Also, this developer is quick to fix problems like the one in which my Google Toolbar turned black after installing iAqua. He sent me a corrected version and the toolbar blends in with the others now.
    The soft colors or iAqua are modern and attractive. Nice work!

  • Awesome!I'm using it right now.It's very unique and easy on the eyes.I hope that it'll get out of the sandbox soon.This way more people can download it.Thanks for bringing this back.

  • very nice. just spin box is too big (vista 32 bit premium, Firefox 3.5)

    Developer response

    Please email be a screen shot.Use the email showed above.

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