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  • good
  • Very usefull.

    Has however a very inconvenient false-positive on mobile.twitter.com on Firefox Mobile (52).

    The round "tweet" button and the retweet fonctions don't work (the buttons and popup might be considered as a cookie banner).
    Toogling for that website is not persistant (I dunno if that is the expected behaviour) so I have to disable that addon (in Firefox) in order to be able to use Twitter on Firefox Mobile.
  • Enfin ! c'est fini ! plus besoin de cliquer sur le message "ce site utilise les cookies bla bla bla ...."
    Nickel !
  • hello it seems to have a problem with

    when i turn 'i don't care about cookies" off, i can to browse into the other pages. Otherwise after clicking on any link , i return on the same page.
    Thank you, I found what was causing the problem. It will work in the next version.
  • As first: It is sad, that such kind of extension ever had to be developed! But thankfully it is! But... I used this extension for a months, until finally found that it's strangely hiding some webpage's elements not related to target efforts of it (eg. some backround images, elements...) So unfortunately I had to disable it :-(
    it is certainly possible. please let me know the details, i'd like to take a look.
  • simply the best, i have donated.
    thank you :)
  • I forgot to put this in when refreshing Firefox, this is a must have. Those stupid cookie pop ups are annoying!
  • Very effective at keeping the annoying cookie messages away.
  • Edit: Actually my rating was about the add-on, don't confuse it with my review, which btw wasn't meant as criticism or negative - it was just pondering. I feel 3 stars means good, though maybe not something extraordinary, so I gave you that :)

    I mean, I don't need it, though not actually sure if µBlock Origin's impressive non-ad extras to choose Fanboys annoyances list, but it well might auto-close/remove those...

    Anyway, my guess that the code would've been easier and quicker written as GreaseMonkey compatible userscript - would also have automatically a number of browsers supporting, besides, with right kind of build-script (if you do such) would've included that code inside the code that makes it work as plugin, so you would've gotten that too...
    Ratings are related to firefox addon, you are rating someting else i quess.

    Why addon? Because I like it this way :) Not everyone uses or wants to use greasemonkey or similar software, including me. If you want, you can contribute to the project and build the greasemonkey version. Contact me by email.
  • Good Job!