490 reviews
  • Very good extension and very good developer. Thanks for being a good sport!
  • ... in conjunction with cookie crushers.
    Hope the WebExtension-version works out!
  • must have addon, works flawlessly :D
    glad that it will get a WebEx-Version ^^
  • v2.6.7 works perfectly in Palemoon v27.4.0
    Thank you to the developer for supporting Palemoon :)
  • I notice complaints from twitter users. I don't use twitter [no real man does], so don't change it!
    [They're probably all whiny Kardashians.]
    I don't mind cookies, since I have no secrets, and NSA tracks us all, anyway.

    :-) Note smiley! Just joking!
  • Worked excellent so far. Although it is reported as ''old'' by Firefox 55 :(
    Could you please, do something about it?
    Thank you
  • Kerana memang luar biasa
  • thanks
  • As previously mentioned, makes all tweets on mobile.twitter.com completely blank. I hate Twitter, but I still need to be able to read the occasional tweet, and copying and pasting on mobile is still tedious.
    Please disable the addon temporary on mobile.twitter.com. I'll try to fix it in the next version.
  • Good
  • Thanks for your work but please make it compatible with F57+
  • +++×+++