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  • 5 stars because I don't think a problem once should compromise the whole rating. Since I don't see a clear response yet, I'm using 2.6.8 on Firefox 55.0.3. Something similar happened to gorhill/ublock with version 1.13.10, so maybe you can find something useful there.

    Also I didn't manage to find a bug tracker for this extension, do you have one? I think it would be a more efficient way to report problems.

    EDIT: Fixed in 2.7.0
    Hi Shiba,

    the new version was just uploaded and is waiting for a review. If it doesn't work for you when it becomes available, please contact me by email (info@kiboke-studio.hr).

    p.s. I agree with the bug tracker idea, I'll think about it.

  • Thank you for the update!
    I am aware of that, It will be fixed in a few days.
  • Your add on is a marvelous relief for my nerves, but doesn't work well in some sites and breaks some pages that have forms; this, one, for example, in:
    the "Mensaje" (Message) field disappears, but works well if I just disable I don't care about cookies. It doesn't happen in all the pages with forms, the majority don't experience any issue, but it does in many. The bug is present too in the version for Firefox Android.
    goteo.org will be fixed in a few days. thanks for reporting!
  • Stopped working after 2.6.8 update.
    Reverted to 2.6.7, working again.
    Have switched off automatic update as default, and will keep checking here for comments saying issue is fixed
    which firefox version do you have?
  • Stopped working after update to 2.6.8. After re-installing 2.6.7 all is fine again.

    Replay @ Kiko: FF 48.0.2 on OS X
    This addon has switched to new WebExtensions technology which is not compatible with older Firefox versions. You'll have to update Firefox eventually and 2.6.8 (and newer versions) will then work again.
  • Nice work !!!

  • Thanks for the update.
  • Juhee! It's back here. How good it is now I do not know yet, but the most important is that it has become a WE! Thank you!
  • It does an awsome job at clicking cookies. Perfect. However, in the most recent few months, I flagged the cookiemessage at https://9292.nl/ several times, and still the cookiemessage has not been managed. That is the only downside. PLEASE fix this if possible! :)
    It will work in the next version. Sorry about delays, but Firefox addons made with current SDK technology will stop working soon and I'm more focused on the transition to the new technology.
  • good
  • Yay!
  • What about i don't care about cookies and FIREFOX 57
    It's under development, don't worry.
  • Very good extension and very good developer. Thanks for being a good sport!
  • ... in conjunction with cookie crushers.
    Hope the WebExtension-version works out!
  • must have addon, works flawlessly :D
    glad that it will get a WebEx-Version ^^
  • v2.6.7 works perfectly in Palemoon v27.4.0
    Thank you to the developer for supporting Palemoon :)
  • I notice complaints from twitter users. I don't use twitter [no real man does], so don't change it!
    [They're probably all whiny Kardashians.]
    I don't mind cookies, since I have no secrets, and NSA tracks us all, anyway.

    :-) Note smiley! Just joking!
  • Worked excellent so far. Although it is reported as ''old'' by Firefox 55 :(
    Could you please, do something about it?
    Thank you