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  • Works perfectly.
    Thank you.
  • I'm installing this extension to get rid of unwanted notifications so please, don't show me a notification every time it gets updated u_u
    No one cares.
    It does the job though, so 4 stars.
    I am not showing a notification on *every* update, only when I have something important to say, plus one call for donations every year. I believe you would understand that if you'd just knew how much time is needed to maintain it.
  • Brilliant! Doesn't get in your way and saves you a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks. Using it quite a while now, it has proven to be very reliable in all FF versions, up to FF58 nightly.
  • A great add-on, but I prefer the list for content blockers (see the official extension website).
  • In the past (before the last W10 fall edition) it works very well. Now it didn't work anymore. :(
    your browser version may be too old, please try to update it. if the addon doesn't work after that, contact me by email (author@i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu)
  • Beginning testing in nightly (58a, early oct. 2017) after webext port. This was one of the things hat prevented me from updating FF. Thanks for an excellent update ! Good work !
  • eramente utile per togliere quei fastidiosi avvisi a ogni pgina dei si in cui abitualemnte vado.
  • Muy útil.
  • Bez tego dodatku jak bez prawej ręki.
  • Please update for Firefox beta Android and the new Firefox 57. Thank you!
  • not reliable, ie: gocomics.com eu notify still pops up.
    I don't see the eu cookie warning unless I disable the extension on that domain, so, you have either whitelisted it or the extension doesn't work at all for you.

    Btw when you see a cookie warning, you can report it to me. Right click on the page and choose "I dont care about cookies" > "Report a cookie warning" from the context menu. gocomics.com has never been reported to me.

  • Does it really need to refresh all tabs after update? After new update I encounter new problems with the context menu. It shows a communicate like the extension can't work properly on this domain. Later it starting to work allowing to enable/disable the extension on this domain. But if go to other tab (with different domain) it shows only do enable/disable for the domain of the previous tab, not current one. It wasn't this way after first update to web extension cuz I needed to disable on all domains I frequently use. And could you add the whitelist to the extension settings already please?
    Whitelisting is still on the TO DO list, it will be added but it doesn't have a high priority. You are the only one who requested it :)

    I cannot reproduce the tab/enable/disable problem, and I have really tested it through. The moment you switch to a different tab, the context menu updates.

    About refreshing all tabs after update... you are totally right. This will be changed in the next version. Thanks for the hint!
  • Finally i can surf without having to click on all those cookies warnings!

    On my FF57 works very well. Thank You!
  • The addon is excellent!

    I just have one question:
    Would you consider publishing the source code on a site like GitLab or GitHub?
    I'm sure many of us would be happy to help with the development and it would make reporting and fixing bugs a lot easier.

    Thank you for the good work, I'll be sure to throw a couple bucks your way once I get my PayPal to work.
    Zdravo sosed :)

    I was thinking about that, but I am not sure how would it help anyone due to the way the addon is put together prior to publishing.

    The most important parts of the addon are one big CSS file and a couple of compressed JSON files which I generate from thousands of small files (one file - one domain). This is done so the addon can be smaller and work faster.

    If you have any additional thoughts about this subject, you can contact me by email (info@kiboke-studio.hr).
  • ☆☆☆☆☆