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  • Since the 2-3 latest updates, this extension becomes unusable in more and more websites.
    i.e., I can't access to my bank account "La Banque Postale" because the login page appears as a white page. "I don't care about cookies" blocks the window.
    Since yesterday December 29, 2019, the YouTube sharing window can't open because "I don't care about cookies" blocks the opening window and it endlessly swirls. Unfortunately I can't send a screenshot here. Though I have to rate this below the average.
    Could you please contact me (author@i-dont-care-about-cookies.eu) with more details? I'll be glad to help if it's possible. Happy New Year :)
  • Rien à dire, il est plus que parfait... si je pouvais ajouter quelques étoiles, je le ferais.
  • One of those addons that you forget about them until you don't have it. A must have
  • Works perfectly, nice extension
  • It just works flawlessly
  • works fine on almost all sites
  • Obviously a must for european users to get rid of the annoying cookie consent requests...
    Good job Kiko.