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  • Simple, functional, this is what a new tab page SHOULD be! Keep up the great work!
  • Super customizable, loads instantly, lovely.
  • Nice.Simple but powerful.
    edit:Sometime not work.
  • сделайте раскрывающиеся в сторону папки и строку поиска закладок
  • It would be great if you add more options, for example, I have a folder with a lot of bookmarks, when I open it I want the folder to occupy the entire column. And if the height of the column is greater than the height of vieport, then the column would automatically be divided into several columns. Or, my dream is vivaldi speeddial for firefox in which instead of screenshots of sites there will be favicons. It would be great. Thank you. I hope your understand my English.
  • this addon is great but it rarely works!

    the settings is buggy, I had to choose the options like 3 times before it actually worked, but then after all the that i open new tab and its empty only settings button and thats it.

    i don't know whats the issue but I hope it can be fixed because I really like the idea of this addon
  • Hands down best extension if you want bookmarks on new tab!
  • This is my most favourite new tab add-on! It gives me direct access to closed tabs, bookmarks, weather, and I can make the background black. This is perfect.
  • Thank you for making such a usefull addon.
    Fast, easy to use and very customisable.

    Unfortunately because Firefox does not currently have a built-in way to get favicons, they are retrieved through a web service (googleusercontent.com). Any icons that require the user to be signed in will not work properly because it is redirected to the login page. I'm not sure why the Google Maps icon doesn't work though. You can follow https://bugzil.la/1315616 for progress on this issue.

    Is it possible to add custom icons to get around that problem?
  • Great! But there are a couple of comments.
    1. Ability to replace not only a new tab, but also the home page.
    2. Why are settings stored in cookies? Never seen this. Is there a good reason for this? Only for this 4 stars. This is connected with another 1 unpleasant moment-when I open a new container tab, the settings are reset. It's uncomfortable. I hope you can fix this! Just use browser.storage.sync.set & browser.storage.sync.get insted of localStorage.setItem and localStorage.getItem:
    3. And one more thing - when you open the last closed tab it would be good to close the addon.
  • This is the one you want. It just works!